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  1. S1 problem

    Happened to me and a friend today at green mountain, maybe 4 hours ago. other players were all logging out because of it.
  2. Your last death!

    a glitch broke my legs upstairs in a bar in berezino, so my friend went to find an axe/splint got killed by zombies. crawled for a while then shot myself in the head with a magnum. my first suicide
  3. Post pictures of your pet

    Krom, destroyer of strawberries.
  4. ive had this happen and wasnt sure what was going on thanks for the clarification.
  5. thanks for the tips. much appreciated
  6. hi everybody

    cheers! thanks for the warm welcome. ha or atleast ill be murdered more slowly and interestingly.
  7. So what brought you here?

    ive always seen great rp videos of this game but my own experience has mostly been getting shot on sight. a friend told me about this place and it sounds more like the game is supposed to be played so here i am.
  8. hi everybody

    hi, im 26 from ireland. ive been playing day z for a year or so now, havent had much of a chance to roleplay on the normal servers too many bandits KOS'ing. hope to see you all out there in the wilds.