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  1. I would love to contribute to the channel; unfortunately my current rig is a potato. You could however use the channel to host people who are playing on the DayZRP servers. If the streamer decides to leave the DayzRP stream; you simply begin hosting someone else who is. In this way the channel lets people see different perspectives. Using multitwitch you could also kind of "Edit" or swap between different streamers perspectives in certain situations. Could be really cool.
  2. I had "woken up" in the main prison complex in one of the administrative rooms/hallways upstairs; I met 3 people; Joe, Bo, and John. Bo seemed to kind of wander off I don't remember seeing him after we sat at the fire; me and John went to check the back barracks; on our way back we began to see the text messages; we repeatedly requested confirmation as to his intended target. I never heard any VOIP messages from the initiator. My message to whom are you speaking was given in character; it was also accompanied by multiple voice communications; I was standing next to a guy in the "hallway" with the storage rooms that leads to the rear courtyard (I believe it was John). The //OOC question was due to repeated questions by both of us over voice (and chat) asking to whom he was speaking; no indication of area/personal description was given. I proceeded to run through to the bridge and the far side of the island. I heard shots behind me; seeing as I was unsure whom was initiated on or who was with whom; I decided to simply leave the island. in Summary based on my recollection of this; No Description/differentiating/locational information was given from the initiator to the initiate it was extremely sloppy and unclear and I was afraid to get caught in crossfire; deciding instead to remove myself (in character and out) of the situation. I ran away during the countdown; I was under the impression that "anyone"/whomever was seen by the person initiating would be shot. Due to how unclear the initiation was and the inability to identify the aggressor; I didn't want to break any rules by sticking around and getting involved; not even to defend myself or simply be shot on sight. I am also fairly positive I used voice communication and said specifically that I was unsure who the guy was talking to and that we should probably just run away; I think john was shot following me out to escape the situation.
  3. I ran into a group of 4 people today, I resisted and ran around their group in circles hoping they would accidentally shoot each other. It didn't work out. they took my ak101 mag and some other things, but left me alive. forced me to turn and look the other way while they ran off. I chambered my Ak101 and vowed to try to stop their evil from consuming the land. Scanning with my binoculars I caught sight of VMC, figured bandits like these would go there to hold up more unsuspecting survivors. Sneaking around the area and attempting to pick them off one by one, when they made mistakes, was the plan. I slowly snuck up on them, gun drawn hiding behind bushes with lots of cover for my retreat route. They were robbing another unsuspecting victim, just as I had assumed they would. They told him to drop his weapon on the ground, and while they were all distracted I took my shot. Hit one of them, not sure if it was back or pack. Made my clean retreat. they all scurried into the jail building. Inside the building I heard a hostage being interrogated. Whether the shot I heard was an execution or a warning ill never know. I snuck around to the front of the building, picking up the hostage's weapon. I saw them through the jail window, in my panic, and worry of being spotted, I picked a terrible firing position, much too out in the open, and prone to boot. I took two shots with faces in the scope of that rifle, the last thing I heard was some rapid return fire. After feeling a few hot rounds rip through flesh, my sight faded with the thirds face in my scope.
  4. I was thinking more along the lines of making it against the rules (it is already sort-of; see baiting) to go into the channel and make meet-ups. I was thinking more along the lines of checking the availability of things like weapons, food, water, high cap vests, etc. Seeing if what you want is available, and agreeing upon an offer before someone else gets there and does. I am talking about the community coming together and choosing an armband color to specifically signify a trader. The in-game rule would be if u are POSING as a trader, you have to remove/change the armband before u get within 50m (of the "victim"). For example; green mountain, I've gone there and traded made good deals, bad deals, etc. If you are open for trades you grab an armband and hang around. Ammunition, food, and water (containers) seem to be the most sensible forms of currency. You turn on the trader frequency and see if what your looking for is available/make your offer, etc. a few people could get ammunition/items as payment to "guard" the trader hubs. Guards would be paid by the in-game hour. (Mercenary rpers?) There would be no need to run across an entire field if the person wasn't wearing a specific color of armband. My top choices would be yellow, orange or pink for traders; they are easy to see, and not very popular otherwise. Also item requests; players could come into the channel and make item requests; if it is not already readily available, they could make an offer to hire someone to go look for the item for them.
  5. In-Character, Radio Communication channel. After speaking with some staff and other players, I have learned of a few trading hotspots and gathering points. I would intend to combine the two; a dedicated radio (TS) channel for trading. I would like to know what the community would think about this, and what you think the rules surrounding it should be.
  6. I came across a robbery in progress, someone else was getting robbed at Zelenogorsk MC, I snuck up between the barracks and listened in, I warned the would-be bandit that I had my gun drawn and told him he should let the victim go, he approached me and starting making demands, after I had already made demands and told him to drop his weapons, he started to pull out a gun, I told him not to, he continued coming towards me and we traded shots, im not sure (due to slight desync) who actually shot first, but I took both barrels from a double barrel to the legs and got him 1-2 times (on my screen I emptied a clip from my sks directly into his chest, reloaded then shot at him again 3 more times) I managed to crawl into the second barracks I was next to, and closed the door. someone else came and opened the door, I panic shot them in the leg, ruining their pants, they however were not the bandit and simply a bystander who was in the area, I apologized replacing his magnum I had ruined (to my benefit as he had had it pointed at my face) the hostage corroborated my story and the accidental victim, the hostage and I went on to green mountain together. The would-be bandit also appeared to have survived, we saw him up on the hill south of zeleno with a zombie on em and he appeared to be dropping stuff. I am thinking next time I wont do the same, if this is against the rules. Honestly had the would-be bandit listened I would have let the hostage take what he wanted, and decide the would-be bandits fate. I hope I operated within the rules, the would-be bandits hostile intentions were notable and he continued to be aggressive and threatening; was I in the wrong? note; edited to include additional information, and fix errors.
  7. Journal entry #002 Turns out some old favours are worth their weight in gold. Found out today this new assignment "may or may not" have something to do with an outbreak somewhere named Chernogorsk. Going into an 8 week unspecified training session with 4 strangers for 8 weeks. the only other info i was able to scrounge up was that the budget for this little planned excursion was off the books. Seems like something heavier then the blips u get on the radar may be going on there. Checked the net, TV, sifted through news articles. Still dont know what i got myself into. Guess its just one of those things i gotta wait and see.
  8. It was a normal shitty day, spring storms bringing the misted rain and fog through. I got a call today, one I wasn't really expecting, my boss from the UN says I've been chosen for a new Assignment. Meet & Greet with the people I am going to be shacked up with for some kind of training session is in two weeks. Eight weeks with strangers, maybe I should have turned down this assignment. Running some errands, calling in some favors to try and figure out what this is all about.
  9. Nice, I hope he isn't too depressed in chernarus!
  10. the whitelist application isn't accepting my steam id to steamid64 but one day maybe
  11. Hello, Thanks for stopping by and welcoming a newcomer! My name is LtAscott, My Character of the same name has a work-in-progress backstory of working for the UN previously as an "Emergency Stabilization Organizer." Recruited by an unnamed organization and rigorously trained in low resource survival, advanced squad tactics, strategic posturing, field medicine, and advanced evasion. I was chosen as the squad leader due to previous experience. There were 4 other team members including the pilot (fixed wing and rotary), armoured infantry specialist(and mechanic), communications specialist(and interpreter), and our Medic (more appropriately Navy Corpsman). The mission that landed my character in Chernarus was the capture and exfiltration of high-priority medical personnel with a more robust understanding of the virus and effects. The secondary mission parameter was to recover any and all attainable operational equipment the team was more familiar with. Preliminary information and tests showed blood transfusions from viral resistant patients provided temporary immunization against contact and its effects. As long as the donor blood was in the recipients system (One week real time, dying in-game resets the timer, otherwise I need to receive a blood transfusion in game or "succumb" to the infection), the virus would not make them sick. (For my roleplay purposes this is my "bend" of the lore that hopefully can be tolerated, if not let me know this is a WIP ) During insertion, mechanical failure occurred, forcing a bailout. I pulled my chute immediately after exiting the Blackhawk, hitting the water hard about 100 ft from the coast. With all my gear being packed and only an emergency survival vest and parachute during the insertion trip. I had to cut the chute when I hit the water, and ditched my vest (damaged anyways by shrapnel from rear rotor) and rifle to make it to the coast. I had thought I stuffed my sidearm into my pocket, but it turned out it had only been my flashlight. The rest of the teams' whereabouts or even their survival are currently unknown. Like the story so far? want to join up and roleplay together? Thanks for checking it out, I look forward to sending in my whitelist application, and thinking about doing a journal series to share in my adventures! I would have used spoiler tags, but I don't know how.