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  1. What makes a man

    Keep it up, enjoyed reading it
  2. Josie Zalesky

    Moree! please
  3. Average Waiting Time?

    Okey thank you i'm currently new here, and i did not know yet sorry. Thank you for the responds!
  4. Average Waiting Time?

    Hello, I have applied my resume for the white-list. But what is the average waiting time? I'm currently 53/404. Thank you,
  5. Hello everyone!

    Okey thank you Metal, appreciated!
  6. Hello everyone!

    Thanks you davkerrith! im currently 38/316, does donating help speeding up the process?
  7. Hello everyone!

    Thank you!
  8. Hello everyone!

    Hahah thank you Nick! hope to meet you in the mess!
  9. Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone! My name is Daniel and i just submitted my request to be whitelisted, hope to get accepted soon! If you are interested in my story please let me know, i would be happy so share it! I'm looking forward to all the Role-Play adventures! Hope to see you soon in-game!