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  1. You just gave me a new question If they dont want to block the road and its all in unlucky situation.. like 15men (group) are in town and crossing the road some times and there is a truck (not even theres) blocking half of the road.. Still there fault, right? cause i mean they hear the truck since im like 1 mile away and stuff. right? just that i dont get that sht wrong
  2. Yeah I just saw that aswell.. And thanks for letting me know that theres a post. It gives me every information I needed. I would love to mark this as /solved
  3. Hi guys. I got a simple question for you again. I begin with a story that happened few moments ago: Me (Jonathan Vogel) and my friend (Norbert Wolf) were at the NWAF and spotted a group out of 7 guys (we thought they are 7). We found a truck which we were driving at the NWAF. We checked the tents and the firestation + the southern barrack. Didnt find anything good, so we were heading towards pustoshka (nyctowka) the city south from Vybor. In Pustoshka I drove like 60km/h fast and saw a truck on the left side of the road just standing there and on the right side of the truck were like 6 guys and next to the roads were again like 5 - 10 guys. We kinda hit the wall next to the road to avoid to kill someone when they all screamed and threatened us like: ARE YOU GUYS RETARDED! YOU ALMOST KILLED US! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! blablabla.. So my question is: If you are standing in the MIDDLE of the road while half of the road is blcoked by a truck and next to the road are only walls and you get hit by a truck which is causing death to you.. is the truckdriver breaking the rules? Is that the fault of the driver? Cause my very own opinion is that if I had killed 1 of the guys on the road its their own fault. Cause i mean you cant just blocked half of the road and then expect people to dont drive on the other half.
  4. Thanks for the fast answers That's good to know.
  5. Hi guys. Just a short and easy question for you. So i was on top a building and in first person you werent able to see me there (we checked it ingame earlier if im visible or not in firs person for a person on the street). So there were these guys who were on the street next to me and they instantly asked me what I'm doing up there. So obviously they saw me cause they were in 3rd person. My question is: Is it allowed to "see" someone in 3rd person even though you would not see him in 1st person? I'm not mad that they "saw" me there and stuff. Im just curious.
  6. Ok thanks for your Informations and your opinions.
  7. We met them earlier like 30minutes or maybe an hour earlier in zelenogorsk. After they shot my friend in the lef at zeleno they left and we went to green mountain. At green mountain me and my friend split up and I met them again at this small lake at green mountain where the everything else happened.
  8. So me and my friend/brother went through a town and met these guys. It were Willow and her crew. After my friend/brother laughed at them because he thought they're weird they made him apologies. After he did they said do it again on your knees. Then they shot him cause he didnt get on the knees. So far so good and i dont complain. But I met them again at green mountain after me and my brother split like 5minutes ago. They wanted to hear what i have to say. They made a judge and all that stuff. Right in the middle of that a guy who was apparently my friend/brother took revenge with shooting one of them unconcious. After that we werde doing that judge thing. At this point I have to say: I never laughed at them or called them names. So they asked me question about me and my brother and what we did in that town earlier etc. They blamed me for calling them strange and laughing at them. After I denied all that they said I'm guilty and said im sentenced to death and then just shot me in the head. Even though i did all the things they wanted and even helped him. So my question is if that is allowed or not. (I'm not mad, because it was awesome roleplay. I just want to know if that is "legal" for my future adventures. Just a question not a report.) TBird (Jonathan Vogel)
  9. And remember that it's important that both of the conditions have to be accomplished You have to be within 500meters of the hostile situation AND you were recently apart of the involved parties group. If only one of the conditions is accomplished you have no KoS rights.
  10. Thank you guys for the answers. I wrote a new KoS Rule text and I guess that the new one good enough. The only thing I failed with was the KoS rule. "Your application has been accepted." Thanks guys!!! You helped me a lot!
  11. Thanks for the answer! I don't have the first two, because I forgot so save them. Sorry. But I'll write a new one later. I'll try to write it like I'm in school again.
  12. Hello Community. I'm new on DayZRP and I'm not whitelisted yet. I've send 2 applications and got rejected 2 times because of the KoS rule. I really tried to do it right and I want to play so badly on the DayZRP server. So if someone maybe can read the text I wrote below and tells me if it's good or it's not that good. I would be really happy about some answers. My KoS rule text: The KoS rules disallowes the players to kill each other by simply by seeing each other. You are only allowed to kill someone, if there are good roleplay-reasons. You are allowed to take other players as a hostage, only within some rules. - You are only allowed to declare a hostile action after you've contacted the victim. You have to make your declaration clear in a way that the victim is able to understand that the victim will be taken as a hostage. After that you have to give your victim orders. If the victim refuses to cooperate or refuses to accept that, I am allowed to kill the victim. Only if it were the intentions of the hostage/victim. - If a robber takes a hostage, he has to care for the victim. The robber has to give food, water, medicine etc. to the victim and make sure that the victim is at a good health. The robber has also protect the victim from threats like zombies. - If the hostile situation is over the robber has to make sure that he leaves the victim with a realistic chance to survive. (enough food, enough water, enough medicine) - If someone take me as a hostage I am allowed to take revenge in the next 2 hours after the hostile action started. But if I take revenge, the revenge isn't allowed to break the other rules. I am also not allowed to bait other players in a hostile situation so that I'm allowed to revenge me afterwards. - There are some situations where i share the KoS rights: If I am within 500m range while a hostile situation starts and I was recently a part of the involved parties group. Example1: Me and my friend are travelling together, we split up to check different houses when suddenly my friend gets robbed. If I am within a 500m range at that moment I am allowed to kill the robber. Example2: If I am in Teamspeak, Skype or some other communicationprograms with my friend and we are at different places. Then he gets robbed and I would run to the location where my friend is taken as a hostage. In this situation I have no KoS rights and have to make sure to contact the robber and initiate on the robber.
  13. Hi man. I know excactly what you mean Maru! Let's hope for best experiences on DayZRP! If you need some help in Game like if you want to group or something just ask me.