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  1. I just submitted my application for the whitelist, wish me luck! For the development of my character, I have decided to take on a journal-type stylistic approach to illustrate the story of Hunter Yang. If my application goes through, I will continually update his story as he is exposed to the harsh (virtual) reality of Chenarus. Here is what I have submitted in my app. The radio transmissions are credited to: Tomeran's DayZ SA Broadcast ----------------- May 4th, 2014 10:36 a.m. Minneapolis, Minnesota - University of Minnesota ----------------- This morning's graduation ceremony was perhaps the blandest spectacle I have seen. "An honored guest," is what they called Dr. Whateverhisnamewas. He's just performing charity so that we all don't forget to donate to the college, as if we didn't pay them enough. I looked around the room and saw my friends, heads down, slouching, and hungover on each other like sloths in a tiki hut. I smiled and took another sip of my powered drink as many others do the same. I see Alexis grasping her mother's arm; whose proud smile could be seen from the back of her head. She should be proud of her daughter. She is headed to Chernarus in a few months to continue her studies, and I had every intention to follow, if I had done things differently. Time management was never my forte and I always made it obvious. I was never good at school, either, and it took me six years to finish, but I also wouldn't have met Alexis had I finished on time, anyway. I'm going to miss her. August 9th, 2014 11:10 a.m. Saint Paul, Minnesota - East Side ----------------- Alexis is leaving... Her plane departs at 12:30 p.m., and I came unusually early because I didn't want to miss her. I bought a pack of cigarettes, a bouquet of flowers, and an energy drink at the Qwik-Stop on my way to her house. I circle around her block endlessly, in my shanty-cocky-Audi, and digested tobacco smoke and energy drinks like a ritual; talking to myself over and over again how I would say bye. "Hey Alexis, come back!" "Alexis, I-we're going to miss you." "Don't forget to call." "Hey, you look good!" All of those were terrible, I thought to myself. Just be yourself. November 19th, 2014 8:15 a.m. Saint Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota - I-35E South ----------------- I drive down the highway to the Saint Paul-Minneapolis International Airport with my ticket in hand. With the infection in Chernarus, I haven't heard from Alexis in a few weeks and I took the risk of buying one of the last ticket out of the country. Minnesota has been able to limit the infections and is one of the only states to have taken precautions to prevent the infection of entering the boarders. -zzt---zzzzzzzzzzt---nd they do believe th-zzzzzt-ed cross and MS-zzt-issued another strong verbal complaint to the UN about the quarantine in Chernarus, as they maintain that it is wrong, inhumane and ineffective. Both voluntary groups report that they have personel cut off inside the country, and that they have been unable to reach them. BBC can also confirm that we have lost contact with our local journalists and that there is a general media blackout on the entire region. I listen some more... Sounds troubling. But it begs the question, why are Russia deploying troops, or rather tanks, to contain a viral infection? Everyone around here has their own theory to that, John. Unfortunetly the officials themselves are not talking to reporters and thus we're not getting a clear picture of what's actually going on in the city. I see. Have you heard anything about the situation elsewhere in the region? There have been reports that other cities in the area, such as Krasnostar and Stavropol, have also had cases in their respective communities. -zzzzzzt-orry no, I havent heard an-zzzzzzt *the transmission at this point seems to break apart and is replaced with the familiar "white noise" buzz* I turn the radio off and light a cigarette. I look at my baggage sitting in the passenger seat. It's only a small backpack with a change of clothes, U.S. passport, a flashlight, and a notebook.