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  1. Halloween costume. Got busted for tax evasion... :trolle:
  2. I like this answer; whenever someone asks me it forces me to get thinking and spew up some of my character's background, gets my mind in survival mode, and generally makes the conversation and RP flow much easier. It's like tricking yourself into submersion in a way. I suppose after numerous encounters and practice, you relax a little and it comes naturally. But for now, neat little icebreakers like this will do the trick.
  3. Intel Core i7 4790k 4.0Ghz ASUS STRIX GTX 970 16gb RAM 500gb SSD/1tb HDD 24" 144hz Monitor Steelseries Rival Mouse (Yet I waste my build on clicker heros...)
  4. Froze to death on Mt. Everest after only bringing a hoodie.
  5. What was your answer for KoS rights/rules? You may not have explained in enough detail.
  6. I would recommend not RP'ing as a cannibal. Too many people already are 'cannibals' and, due to the rules, it is fairly hard to act out being a cannibal effectively and in a realistic manner. It also creates a lot of social problems, I have seen numerous encounters where people are immediately threatened by cannibals and they often end up getting shot. Also have seen cannibals where they only want to RP about it. Very generic and boring RP after awhile. My advice is maybe come back to it after a while of being on the servers. Your views on it may change or maybe you'll come up with a unique take on it.
  7. Mr Daѵe

    Listen to Hobo Zed on walkie-talkie

    Gotta find a radio so I can check this out!
  8. I would have to say boats. I think RP wise it doesn't make great sense to have to swim to most islands, while wearing your equipment. Nothing massive, Just a couple of wooden dingy's or something similar, around the coast lines. Maybe even a bit of deep sea fishing?
  9. Mr Daѵe

    What gear do you currently have? [SA Edition]

    Not going to lie, little annoyed about how many people are dressed like military personnel.
  10. More shotguns, handguns and hunting rifles. Too many military grade weapons floating around a sleepy Russian district. Also would love to see some hunting bows. Would be a whole lot of fun.
  11. Mr Daѵe

    Persistence Enabled Discussion

    I like persistence because I'm sick of having a server restart and a group of people instantly rush the police stations and run. It really draws you out of the game.
  12. JUST GOT ACCEPTED!!! See you all in game!
  13. Currently at 1/301 and the suspense is killing me! Haha. What caused the recent surge of applications? I heard someone say that it was because of famous streamers playing on these servers, but wasn't sure if there was more to the story.
  14. Also awaiting a decision! Nervous but excited at the same time. Spent quite some time reading through the lore, can't wait to get into some hard-core role-play. I've heard that there getting more applications than ever, apparently some famous twitch streamers have been on these servers recently and it's generating a lot of buzz. Hope the white-list pool doesn't get too competitive!