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  1. Your application has been rejected because of the following reason: "You have failed to or incorrectly explained the NLR rule exclusion zone. " Your application has been rejected three times! You are not able to send any more applications!
  2. Well I am sorry for having a open mic
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): INSERT_LINK_HERE Why the verdict is not fair: Well it may have been unfair since the people who moved me wanted me Banned for some thing about me Being Homophobic when i was Clearly playing another Game (CS:GO) Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Ok well what really happen was i was playing CS:GO after i was moved back into the Lobby while i was speaking to the Community helper he then moved me into a channel with a Bunch of Aussies and i was like ok and i also had my Push to talk off it was set to Voice Activation and the mite be the reason why i was banned becasue i was playing CS:GO with my mate and i was calling my Mate Gay and a Fag so i think they mite of miss heard me as they should not of moved me in the first place since the community helper solved my matter in the case i was trying to figure out i hope this can be Solved in a Normal matter so i can get a chance of being in Dayz RP I was banned on Teamspeak and Forums What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like a Chance to Explain to Sung since he was the one that banned me and was not in the channel at the point of time as one of the guys went up there to tell him to ban me so i would like to explain it better to him on what really happen and would also like if i could get a Chance to apply to Dayz RP What could you have done better?: I could of done better was have my Push to Talk on and tell the guys not move me in the channel again because of them i was it turned me into a Banned on Teamspeak and Forums I am sorry if i caused any Drama in the Teamspeak but in this Case i was not in the Wrong it was just a Unfair Act
  4. I was banned for Homophobic remarks when i was in the Community helper channel while i was playing CS:GO i did not have a Push to talk on my teamspeak and was not trying to offend the guys in there but they did drag me up i was also banned in Teamspeak and Forum for this reason but i was not calling anyone gay and fagots i was only saying it because i was playing CS:GO and then i heard i Noice in the back ground saying i was banned and i did not relise what i have done wrong then i jumped on the forums to check my ban it was over me getting angry at a game but i am really sorry the way i acted but they should not of Moved me in to the Channel in the first place. They told me why they moved me in It was Because i was Australian and i was ok and kept play CS:GO and while my mic was in Voice Activation and Changed it as soon as i could. The Guys that moved me should be in the Teamspeak Logs as i was a Admin in Teamspeak awhile ago i should know but I Hope this Matter can Be solved in a Normal matter. Thanks Bob Light Delete this Thread please Delete this Thread please