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  1. Yes it is, IRL you can be executed by your hostage takers if you don't comply as well so i don't see a problem. Especially since we gave him multiple chances to correct his lies regarding his story over a span of a good 20 minutes.
  2. I was the second person you held hostage, Brian Powers. I have no way to prove that #3 occured, but for #4, I am 100% certain that you never told the guy in-game that you "contacted clayton by radio". You only asked over and over for him to "stop lying" and that you only "knew clayton". Just want to keep the facts straight here. He did tell him though so i'm not sure why you're making these claims, not that it matters, we knew enough when he proceeded to MG my & Jimmy's name. I would also like to add that it seems to me as if you claim we were ruleplaying to execute him ("I felt the individual that was handcuffed with a mask over his head was doing everything in his power to comply", "I don't think there was anything Derek could have said that would have got him out of there alive") honestly.. if that was the case he would've been shot in the field for not raising his hand, or dead halfway the field for "Not being able to run with cuffs" or whatever stunt he pulled off. If he had just called out our names (MGing them) we wouldn't have done anything but he started to make a story on how he had met us and we had told him to go to vybor, ect.. POV: We held this man up at vybor and as soon as we started RPing it was clear he did not know much about how things work. We took this into consideration and even waited while he was spamming every hotkey, failing to raise his hands, MGing over VOIP & messing up the handcuff process by constantly hitting F11, he also claimed "Running does not work while being cuffed". We then continued inside and all of a sudden this guy starts talking about how he met Clayton, Slade & Jimmy at NW, we knew this was not true and proceeded to ask him where he had received info about us (names) and he kept claiming that he had just met us at NWAF an that we apparently told him to go to Vybor. After about 20-30 minutes (estimation) of us interrogating this guy and beating him we came to the conclusion that he knew too much (as he had already stated tons of our names, we knew it was MG but we still have to address this properly IC) I asked him again if he had met Clayton, Slade & Jimmy at NW and told him that if he was lying it would mean his death, he replied "omg, I told you already guys". I then asked him again where he said the same "I already told you". (he did this multiple times) I decided to wait and I believe Rorke proceeded to interact with him, I ate my can of food and decided to ask him one more time, warning him that he would die if he dared to not tell the truth. Again, he replied: "I met Clayton, Slade & Jimmy at NW and they told me to come here, If you guys wouldn't have approached me with that many in the field I would have come in and joined you by the fire." All of a sudden we see about 7 people approaching (friends of the other guy that's being restrained i believe, no clue how they knew though) I asked him again if that was his final answer and if he had indeed met me (Slade) at NW and he said: "Yes, I met Slade at NW", That's when we killed him. He even knew I was Slade as I had said "You claim you saw me at NW and i told you to come here?" Yet he kept lying after we had warned him multiple times that only the truth would get him out of the situation, he refused to cooperate so died. He also had poor roleplay regarding the injuries we inflicted on him, we would rarely hear an "Ah" "Ooh man, that hurts". Must say i give you credits for posting a report after the stuff you pulled yesterday because the only thing you're gonna get out of this is a video of you MGing hard. (If anyone has one) When I'm reading your explanation of what happened it seems to me as if the situation was 5 minutes long, at least give some more details if you're so sure it was unjustified. That was my POV. Regards.
  3. Why would you use a grenade? It's obvious that people who weren't involved could possibly die. I could understand you wanting to know what's going on and if you deem necessary initiate on the "Bad guys" but why a grenade without initiation? Hanging around with someone after he got robbed doesn't give you the right to play hero and KoS a bunch of people, if you want to help a stranger that got robbed feel free to do so but initiate properly as you do not share any KoS rights. I'm glad this happened after I left. To me it seems as if you used Zeke as bait in order to take action against the group. You could have handled this in many different ways if you felt like helping Zeke out, using a grenade is just the easy way. "I threw the grenade in killing Alphy and anyone that i could who was involved in killing our friend" I never knew grenades could lock on certain targets and only kill them, thanks for letting me know.
  4. Love the backstory, great work. Definitely something different which i like about it.
  5. Just admit when and what you did wrong, no point in hiding it, you were clearly in the wrong here and frankly i think now you deserve punishment for the amount of arguing you're doing right now Have you even read this report? I stated multiple times I was wrong and apologized, stop talking nonsense, your input isn't needed anymore, you're not directly involved.
  6. Whiskey Tango, are you moderating this report?
  7. It comes down to the armband and mask, we all had clown masks, he had a gas mask, you say he had a blue armband, when we had no armbands, or at most a red armband. From the description given earlier, you said you shot him for wearing the (gas) mask and armband, when we had none of those. There were several people with both gasmasks and clown masks, the guy who acted hostile against us had a blue armband and you all ganged up against us, including random civilians. You can say what you want regarding the outfit but walker and my other buds will confirm this.
  8. I know i was in the wrong when i did not approach him but note that it was a tense situation and both parties had KOS rights, I felt really unsafe running after him in the field as the entire group was in the barn where he was heading. There was also a second man with him and I'm still not sure who he was and I find this weird as he had just logged in? We even proceeded to look for the second guy and he had disappeared in the tree line we were hiding, we then proceeded to hunt the group. Not sure what more i can add, In that situation i did everything i could to see if he was with them and made a miss judgement from thinking he was ignoring our demands, I didn't take into consideration that he could maybe not hear us, even tho he was REALLY close to us like literally passing by, I even waited until he was nearly 100 meters away to shoot because he kept on running. What punishment should i expect out of this? I had never the intentions to involve someone in the shootout but the circumstances messed things up, Until now he claims there was no second guy which i find weird because both me and stewe saw it. How can i know he actually logged in there? My friend was even shot by a good samaritan who was butting in at the woods so how can i tell he isn't using the login as an excuse? If it is true it's a big coincidence that he logged in on that location and was heading towards where the group was hiding and for that I feel bad it happened to him. Regards.
  9. I fully agree, but the thing is that the group crossed the field and an instant later 2 more people on my left (one of them was the reporter) And he did not comply so we thought he was evading us. I know this is miss-identification but because of the clothing and situation we were almost certain he was with them, especially when he did not comply when we yelled at him so it really seemed as if he was evading us. I'm truly sorry this happened to him as i said before, I will take any punishment staff see fit. Don't think i have anything more to add on this report other than wait and see what will come from this. To be honest I do personally think we're not entirely to blame, if he had stopped when we told him things would have turned out differently. I mean that it's not like we just killed him without considering certain factors, he had the same clothing, armband, ran on the same tracks of the group not much later and was not complying with our demand to stop, after about 100 meters i shot as he was running towards the barn (where the group was hidden). Thanks for posting your thoughts on this matter. Regards.
  10. Like i said before, I won't judge whether or not shooting that truck was NVFL, I never said it wasn't, did i? Also I do not care for what another person did, I'm talking about what i did during this situation, If you feel the guy that shot upon your truck should be punished, do as you please. Also I never admit to being with the drug sellers, I even told one of your guys that came on the tower that i didn't know what went on and came on myself to check it out, so I'm not sure why you claim I told you i made the drugs. "Only then you valued your lives?" You never shot a single bullet towards us so there was no reason to be afraid as we were hidden and you had no way on killing us that easily, otherwise i would've been death, no? Therefor as i said before I don't think you can call this NVFL as we were never in direct danger. I feel you're trying to twist my words as if i'm saying we didn't value our lives, I clearly said ones we were in danger and shot upon we ran away and never went back. While tracking you there was no reason to back down as we were hidden, you may claim that you saw us but our characters wouldn't even know that. I don't want this report to drag on either but I'm not going to watch how false accusations are thrown out here, because it's my name on that report while none of the rules you state were broken on my part. You talk about the truck incident yet that was not me either.. What exactly do you want this report to be on? Because it was neither KOS , MG or NVFL. Regards.
  11. What should i learn? There is nothing to learn, you didn't respond to our demands to stop running and you had the same clothing as one of their buds. Couldn't be helped like i said. If you had stopped we would've talked with you but we assumed you were evading us since you kept on going.
  12. I can't help the rain messing with your sounds, anyways.. What do you want to get out of this? If you had actually stopped or heard us we wouldn't have confirmed our suspicion that you were with them but you kept on running so i'm not sure what you suppose i had done. I had limited abilities with the M4 because it was stripped so i had to act fast and you were getting about a 100 meter away so i decided to act and shoot you as you didn't stop. No punishment should be given for this as this could happen IRL, It's not like we instantly shot you out of the blue and considering the situation and similarities in clothing this couldn't be helped. Nevertheless, I'm still sorry this happened to you as i have stated before. Regards.
  13. It's your mistake for walking into such a situation, and you shouldn't use a blue armband if you're not with any group. We were ordering you to stop moving but you didn't, on top of that i am 100% sure i saw a second man with you. My character judged on this information and the only explanation was that you were with the group and ignored our orders while running. My character doesn't know that you just logged in there or that you cannot hear our microphone well. *Blue armband, gasmask and green highcap and a beanie, this is the outfit of one of the man in the group, as the other guy said before he had taken his gasmask off but we do not know that and you looked just like him. *You running in the same direction as the group which seemed like you were behind on the group, crossing the field. *A second guy on my left with you. *You ignoring our orders to stop. The above info made my character decide to shoot you which i believe is reasonable considering the situation. Btw, how can I believe you a 100% that you actually logged in there during that time? You could be just saying that, I don't know that for sure. If you wish to take this formal, feel free to do so.
  14. I can see why you guys think NVFL but honestly it wasn't, I cannot judge about the guy who sprayed the truck but i think we can assume that, that was acceptable as he was somewhat safe because you guys were inside a vehicle. Though I'm sure that me and stewe chasing you guys was not NVFL at all as we remained hidden while hunting and retreated when we were seen. I feel you guys shouldn't have reacted in the way you did, we were ICly explaining that they were high on drugs and you guys had no clue that we were the ones supplying the drugs but yet you guys instantly started acting hostile because you guys had OOC knowledge and were probably certain we did it but still you had no way to know ICly. You then proceeded to rob Walker with very weak RP, I'm sure if he would've been recording you guys would pretty much be screwed. You left him with no way to defend himself and even took his axe? In a real life situation when 2 junkies (RPing high on drugs) start acting up and throwing accusations out there, I'm sure you wouldn't instantly take their word for it. Stewe told you guys a legit story which justified our actions ICly (He told you that they were on drugs and tried to assault us) but you guys knew OOCly that we were lying and using their drugs problem ICly as an excuse as to why we had held them up so you decide to use your OOC info and initiate on Walker. You guys kind of think too much, your character in game would never know for sure that we actually were using the drugs as an excuse but, you IRL know that we probably robbed them so you decide to act on that while i think you should act according to your character knowledge, not your IRL. Regards.
  15. Listen man, you clearly have no clue what MG means do you? How is it MG when i'm standing with my friend on the tower, I leave the tower and my friend never returns. We wait in the woods and after 15 minutes or so he returns with all his gear stolen, now explain me what's MG about a man who was just got robbed, telling the story to his friends outside? Also our life were NEVER in direct danger as we had the element of surprise and had the upper hand while hunting you guys down, clearly you guys didn't know where us 4 were as you kept running to different locations. After you saw us and ambushed us in the woods, killing one of our friends we immediately ran off and VALUED our lives. Get your facts straight please, you're throwing out accusations like MG but how is it MG when we 1st of all witness everything and our buddy confirms after being let go?