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  1. SterlingHu

    Favorite weapon?

    Personally I like the Mosin with a Magnum back up. The Mosin is too reliable to sleep on, with the stopping power of a charging Rhino, the Mosin rips all in its path to shreds.
  2. SterlingHu

    Tips for you new guys.

    Staying in character sounds pretty straight forward. After writing a few long posts in the whitelist application, I'm starting to get my wits about me. Hope to see you guys, survive, or die.
  3. I can't wait to get out there. I'm so bored with dying to hackers over and over.
  4. I have just recently registered and am excited to hopefully be whitelisted. I really want to be rid of hackers and when I play DayZ I already Roleplay sooo, this seems like it's the server for me.