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  1. Why the verdict is not fair: This server means a lot to me, being banned for a few small mistakes upsets me. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: DayZRP, I discovered this from youtube. I love roleplaying. always have. Once i found out there was a legit roleplaying server I joined you guys. I've been a part of this community since last February. I love DayZRP, I would always go on dayZ just to play on your servers because it was always so fun, I really enjoyed it. I got very busy over the fall that year so I stopped playing video games for a while, I'm a senior in high school I got important shit to do. Then i broke my leg on December, now I'm always in my room. No school for a while, Its a pretty cool story how i broke my leg, anyway. For two weeks I couldn't do anything then I got my Surgery and started feeling a little better. I had nothing else to do so I thought "You know what i'm going to get back into DayZ" so I did. The first thing I did was go on server favorites because your servers we're on there. I couldn't find the servers. So i just played regular DayZ, i got killed by a hacker and it started to piss me off how people were playing and i kept thinking to myself "man I really want to go into those RP Servers again" so I searched the server and found it! I was excited, started changing my name and figuring out what my backstory is going to be, what accent I'm going to use, and all that cool stuff. So i got ready and tried joining the server and it said i wasn't whitelisted, and i was like this is a mistake. Then i looked it up and saw that you guys did this update with the whitelisting back in September I think. I saw that i had to get whitelisted again, I didn't mind. So I read the rules again, also read the lore (Great Lore BTW). Finally Did the application and i saw changes, theres a test you have to take, I thought to myself "I got this!" turns out I didn't. I failed the first time, second time, third time, fourth time, and fifth time. Damn. The first time i got four incorrect answers, two of them i think were very important questions. I got pissed at myself, i had to do more studying so i did more studying, The rules were read again and most of the lore. Here we go 6 long hours pass I'm ready. Failed. Got two incorrect answers, this time it was about the lore. The most important questions were answered correctly, I knew the rules. I know them very well. In the pasted I've always followed them. I think all the other ones I got lore questions incorrectly. All of them i got two incorrect, except for the last one. The last one i was so ready for, i have 24 hours to study and only used the last two of those hours. So I take it. Got the lore questions all right, and all of the other questions except for this one question "Which of the following is not allowed" (I Think) The answers C) and B) we're a little bit confusing for me. Here was an answer (Keep in mind, it isn't 100% accurately worded) "don't go more than 1km radius of the location where you died" thats what i remember reading, the other one is "don't log back in before the 90 minutes have passed" I got so confused because i remember this part of the community rule section "you are not allowed to return to the area within 1km radius of the location where you died before a bare minimum of 90 minutes has passed" I didn't remember reading anything about logging back in before 90 minutes, its slipped my mind so i selected "Don't go more than 1km radius of the location where you died" It was incorrect. (I think i can now see where the mistake was) I saw on screen in big letters, you have no more chances to take this test unless appeal or something like that. That question got me banned which really sucks. I Know i know the rules, i got the lore, i got everything. I have passion for this server, I take things like this very seriously. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I'd like one last chance, I know the rules, I Know the lore. I understand if i fail this test a sixth time I will have no more chances and will never be able to play on your server again, which is too crazy for me so I'm scared. But I'm willing to take that risk of being permanently banned for not passing this test, I'm confident that i will pass and if i don't, too bad, I've already been through permanent ban with my leg. If i see that you guys are gonna give me another chance i will read the rules and lore once again. I've read it so many times, i know it by now, its just that one question that confused me, just one. I have lots of confidence with taking the test one last time. I see thats its up to you guys whether or not you will give me that one last chance. I hope you guys consider it. What could you have done better?: More studying. I've already done a lot of that, i think I'm good now.
  2. Thanks! And yes i had totally forgotten about the official lore date, i just fixed it i think. Thanks for sharing your opinion!
  3. This isn't that good of a story but i hope some of you find it interesting. Feel free to Criticize! Hinsild Veckman is an United Stated American, he's an ex U.S Marine. He lives in San Francisco, California. His family is from Slovakia, his mother and father died when he was 13 years old, Hinsild just turned 30. He is a married man with no kids, his wife's name is Nevaeh. Hinsild has a little brother named Christopher who lives in Bratislava, Slovakia. The date is October 21st, 2014, Hinsild and Nevaeh are on a plane to Slovakia to go to Christopher's wedding. They have 3 more hours until they arrive to Slovakia. Nevaeh decides to go to the restroom. As she is walking to the restroom a man throws up on her, she screams but not because she got vomit on her but because the man was bleeding from his eyes. All the cabin staffs come to see whats wrong with him, out of nowhere the man tackles one of them and starts devouring the cabin staff. The security guards ran toward the man and started beating him non stop, but the cabin staff started going crazy too and devoured the security. Everyone on the plane started to panic, one of the crazy's started attacking Nevaeh, Hinsild dashed to the crazy and cracked its neck. He and Nevaeh run to the back of the plane and all of the sudden the plane was not being piloted, It was going to crash. Everything was happening so fast, Nevaeh is crying on Hinsild's arms as the plane is crashing, Hinsild looks at his arms and sees that he and Nevaeh have been bitten than BAM! All goes dark...................Hinsild wakes up, he is sitting in a room inside a building. There is a window to his right, it is day. He looks around the room and see's three dead devoured bodies in the room. Hinsild looks to his left side and see's a little girl crying with a gun in her hand. His sight is blurry, he asks the little girl weakly "Where am I?" The little girl jumps up starts pointing the gun at Hinsild, she is very frightened and in shock "You....You Talked" she said. "What? Where am I?" Hinsild says confused. "Thats impossible! You things don't talk, you don't think, YOU DID THIS!" she screams. "What are you talking about? Did what?" Hinsild asks weakly. The little girl starts crying "You, you devoured my family, I thought you were dead, i shot you. You did this." She points her finger on her throat, Hinsild sees a bite. The little girl starts crying even more, she slowly points the gun on her head, Hinsild weakly yells "Wait, NOO!" The gun goes off. The little girl shoots herself. A half hour has passed, Hinsild is still sitting confused and in shock. He craws toward one of the bodies and grabs the back pack one of the bodies were carrying. He looks through it searching for some answers on it to where he might be and what has happened. He finds a map and a diary with a date in the backpack. He looks at the map and it says on the top left hand corner 'Chernarus'. Hinsild than skims through the diary to the last page to see the date, the date is February 7th, 2015 according to the diary. Hinsild is confused and doesn't believe it, he puts everything back in the bag, puts it on, and leaves the room. As he is leaving the building he is thinking a lot of what is going on and the last thing he remembers. He leaves the building realizing it was an apartment building. Hinsild takes out his map and sees and X mark that says 'here' which indicates where he's at. Hinsild continues on with his journey in search for answers. To Be Continued. Ok so Hinsild doesn't know but he was a zombie for 3 months and 17 days, his plane crash landed in Chernarus. He has no memory of the past 3 months, the last thing he remembers was seeing a bite on his arm. He devours a family as a zombie and kills them all but also gets shot and gets unconsciousness. He wakes up as a human. He then journeys in search for answers. That is the story of Hinsild.