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  1. i spawn in on the coast and not even 20 seconds later i truck pulls up and two guys chat with me for a couple minutes. they ask what i was doing in chernarus and i reply that i was on vacation. They laugh( which turns out to be the recurring response i get from my backstory) and give me some food. Before they depart they said that i should do something about that bump on my head and head to the nearest clinic. In that full server i didn't meet a single person the rest of the day.
  2. Well cows will still let you get close but will run at the sound of a shot and trucks, chickens are skittish but slow and can easily be chased down, and Boar and Deer are the hard ones although deer are more sensitive to gunshot sounds than the boar. BTW a lesson from Randy McReady: dont go into a turning battle in a V3S vs a cow going downhill. The V3S will lose.
  3. I am really enjoying the new animal AI so far. It makes hunting much more challenging and realistic. No more bolting across a field to a standing deer and shooting it point blank. You now have to work for your craft. With the new animal AI and persistence the .54 update is everything i hoped it would be.
  4. ok I hope you dont take offense to this, but that is a dangling participle and needs to be reworded and made into two sentences. Other than that i saw no major problems. i to expand on it easily I would suggest reading the lore and make it a guideline on your characters background and what she did during the beginning of the outbreak. This can impact facts about your character like what city was she a police officer; if she was in Myshkino she would have been aware of what was going on since day one and would have taking part in quelling the riots, or if she was a chernogorsk cop she would start to have a big role during the battle of cherno. Finally you can go on about what happened as she joined the mass evacuation from city to city.
  5. If you haven't done so already i would suggest posting your backstory. It is a great way to feel more invested in the community before you actually get whitelisted.
  6. For me its a matter of whether the moon cycles are in order if there is a full cycle. i always enjoy going to green mountain at night and see a campfire as i approach. I see a small group of about 6 people, and we share stories. Then 10 more people arrive and i politely take my leave and head into the forest to depart. As i am about 100 meters out i here gunshots. The new moon gives me enough cover to hide, but i would like half moons and crescents to give a little bit of light without giving me away.
  7. i have given a few of the books a read IRL and looked up a few others that i discovered in game I have read "Alice in wonderland", parts of the holy bible, and "Wuthering Heights", and i believe i also saw "Red Badge of Courage" in game. Books like Faust: Der Tragodie which you can find in game seem like very interesting reads and any i find i write down to start reading them in the future. My character does keep Faust on him to read at a campfire.
  8. My character also carries a teddy bear for RP reasons. It belonged to his daughter ,she died ,and he keeps it because he has yet to come to terms of her death. He will pick up any pristine or worn books he finds (have yet to find any not damaged) and if he is ever at a campfire i will equip it and RP him reading and then after a couple days of doing this he will drop it and find a new one. He also carries stuff he doesnt need like ammo and canned food to give to other because he is always willing to helpful because i made him kind and oddly optimistic in spite of his past.
  9. I guess my favorite meal would have to be a deer steak eaten with zucchini and then washed down with a can of Kvass.
  10. Whenever i ask someone a question to bring about RP i usually ask "So, how did ya end up in Chernarus?" or "What brought you to Chernarus." ,and i usually get a response that leads to a conversation that lasts for about 5 minutes. Then i tell them how i ended up in Chernarus which usually gives the other guy a laugh.
  11. I do like the Idea of 150% of real time. I live in the"Eastern standard time" time zone and i almost only ever play midnight to 8am and with S2 being the only server for me that has less than 100 ping it would mean that i would have to get used to playing on a black and white screen for the rest of my days. Hopefully after a few more updates Dayz will be able to have time progression a bit more fluently.
  12. i have to admit this is one of the few forums that I've ever gotten active in. It must be the fresh ideas and the emphasis on RP and character development. In fact, this is the only community I've donated to and i am proud to support this community. Hopefully it will set the standards of which a game like this is played for everyone and not just this community.
  13. fedoras so the wool coats you find will finally have a matching hat.
  14. I guess the biggest red flag if you ever find a canteen or plastic bottle is if its 100% full. I always run into odd numbered percents like 27% or 33%, but i have yet to come across a 100% full bottle and if i ever do i would more than likely leave it alone now that i know that people may be putting gasoline into them. speaking of food poisoning don't spray a cooking pot with disinfectant. It wont clean it, but it will make all the meat you cook with it leave a bad taste in your mouth. i just have to say thank god for Charcoal tablets.
  15. Hey its the guy who replied to my first thread 8/10