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  1. just joined up! Andrew, otherwise known as Officer Deadalus!
  2. S4 ???

    Dude that's 600$/month for all these servers easy! Thanks so much for all this!
  3. So what brought you here?

    Mr MOON!
  4. I got rejected because of a technicality. Put an or rather than an and in a rule explanation. Waiting 24 hours for that is a bit of a harsh punishment. If I get rejected a third time for a small technicality again then I am afraid I will not be able to come back.
  5. Have been accepted

    Rejected twice. Second time because I put an or rather than an and in my application. Kinda annoying I have to wait 16 hours and cant play tonight :'(
  6. Reason why my application was rejected

    Hey my application was also rejected for the KOS rule. Nothing else was specifically mentioned. You mind if I also sent in my app for revision?
  7. I would like to see some of the great vehicle packs that we have seen for Arma 3 like the brilliant jet mods and RHS Escalation mod. Other than that, Day Z Life would be amazing just because of the amount of clothing that is available!
  8. Whitelist application denied?

    I was given suggestions as to how to improve my application for that specific section. I will review my story as well and include potential weaknesses with my character. I hope that it serves to improve my application.
  9. Whitelist application denied?

    I was specifically rejected due to my explanation of the KOS rule. Should I be worried about other parts of my application on my second round? I believe all other aspects of it were done correctly.
  10. DayzRP Whitelist application sham?

    Application reviewed in less than 24 hours. Though I have been turned down due to a technicality in my explination about the KOS rule I was nonetheless reviewed quickly. Not a cent was given by me neither.
  11. DayzRP Whitelist application sham?

    I just posted on the forums and my application is going way up. I guess timing is also a factor.
  12. bandit or hero?

    Man with an agenda beyond survival. I observe you. I may travel with you. But you may never trust my motives or my purpose for being here.
  13. What Type of Character Are You?

    My character is a foreign agent with an agenda. I am neutral in all feuds, but I will stick my nose where it does not belong.
  14. Another Standalone server?

    Problem is I know for a fact it could cost about 150$/month to run a game server. So adding a 4th server should only be done in desperation.
  15. DayzRP Whitelist application sham?

    Well I also started posting on the forum. My last post said 90. Now its 26th.