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  1. So what brought you here?

    I bought Arma 2 only for DayZ mod. As I was playing Dayz, I didn't look at Arma like at a game. It was just something that I needed to play the "proper" game - DayZ. Soon after I saw a youtuber (I don't remember' who was It) playing Arma 2 City Life. I found It really entertaining to watch and decided to play. Robbing banks, races, ambushing people, holding hostages - I loved those things. Time passed and It started to bore me. DayZ SA was released, so I spent next few months on playing SA. Then came the overpoch (great fun at start but It gets boring quickly) One day I heard my friends talking about DayZRP. The phrase 'RP' moved something inside of me and I decided to write an application. And that's why I am here now, waiting for my application to get acceped
  2. I would like to see Namalsk and those monsters (They were called Stalkers if I remember properly)
  3. Quinn Bauer's Story (SEASON 1)

    I didn't think It would be so entertaining Great job man! I'm looking forward for more
  4. Kylo Ren's Photo's & Paintings

    The "paintings" are awesome! Great job! What program are you using?
  5. Hello Everyone!

    Thank you!
  6. Hi! My real name is Cezary. I'm 16 years old guy from Poland. Although I'm pretty young I have a lot experience in DayZ/DayZ Mod, unfortunately none in role-playing. Since start I have been a player, who was more likely to kill on sight than to talk. My friendly attempts always ended with a bullet in my back. I want to play this game the way It should be played, that's why Im here. What more can I say? I like fishing' jogging in the morning. I love Italian food. I know English pretty well. In the future I would like to live in Sweden, because Swedish people are the best! Im looking forward to meet you in the game! P.S. Not all Polish players are trolls!