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  1. I bought Arma 2 only for DayZ mod. As I was playing Dayz, I didn't look at Arma like at a game. It was just something that I needed to play the "proper" game - DayZ. Soon after I saw a youtuber (I don't remember' who was It) playing Arma 2 City Life. I found It really entertaining to watch and decided to play. Robbing banks, races, ambushing people, holding hostages - I loved those things. Time passed and It started to bore me. DayZ SA was released, so I spent next few months on playing SA. Then came the overpoch (great fun at start but It gets boring quickly) One day I heard my friends talking about DayZRP. The phrase 'RP' moved something inside of me and I decided to write an application. And that's why I am here now, waiting for my application to get acceped
  2. I would like to see Namalsk and those monsters (They were called Stalkers if I remember properly)
  3. Wolfan

    Quinn Bauer's Story (SEASON 1)

    I didn't think It would be so entertaining Great job man! I'm looking forward for more
  4. Wolfan

    Kylo Ren's Photo's & Paintings

    The "paintings" are awesome! Great job! What program are you using?
  5. Hi! My real name is Cezary. I'm 16 years old guy from Poland. Although I'm pretty young I have a lot experience in DayZ/DayZ Mod, unfortunately none in role-playing. Since start I have been a player, who was more likely to kill on sight than to talk. My friendly attempts always ended with a bullet in my back. I want to play this game the way It should be played, that's why Im here. What more can I say? I like fishing' jogging in the morning. I love Italian food. I know English pretty well. In the future I would like to live in Sweden, because Swedish people are the best! Im looking forward to meet you in the game! P.S. Not all Polish players are trolls!