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  1. You cant really compare the two, i have both, DayZ is more realistic, has a more heavy feel then H1Z1 does. Both games arent finished, both are still alpha, both have the same concepts, but they are different. H1Z1 may have more cars and a "better" crafting system, but it really lacks the FEELING. Its far to floaty and action orientated, it feels like im playing quake and attacking people really has no satisfaction, they just flop over after 20 punches or a shot too the foot, or they take damage like crazy and take liek 100 arrows to the chest and still dont die. I honestly prefer DayZ for its more realism feel, but H1Z1 is EASIER to get into, and to play in general, less running around, more player actions
  2. kitbiscuits

    Dying Light

    I'v been interested in this game ever since iv seen actual gameplay of it from youtubers. I think it would be super fun, and what Dead Island should of been D: I was so disappointing with that game but i gave it lots of hours cause i pre-orderd it. If anyone can lemme know if its worth trying, id like to know :3
  3. I'v seen a few videos from this community from a few youtubers, thought id check you guys out and i wanna be apart of this! I love DayZ, the Mod and the stand alone, both of them iv spent countless hours and hours on both of the games and i thought why not join probably the best server you could for DayZ. I Want this to be like the first time when the DayZ mod came out, everyone was new, no one was shooting on sight, and it just had a general vibe that The Walking Dead gives off. It was nice, and very fun to play, and im looking to get this again ALONG with roleplay!. I'v been Roleplaying for years now, 7 at the very least. In many games, fourms, websites and the like. I am VERY experienced in video games in general, and Roleplay as a whole. i'd love for this to be one of the new places i spend alot of my time at, iv been looking for a new community to Roleplay with and spend time with, i hope this can be the one for me.