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  1. I can draw portraits of people / zombies. , oh but they would have to be still ! Also i can say the alphabet backwards really fast. Is driving using your knee for steering a skill ?? So yeah I'm good to go. Bring on the apocalypse !
  2. Hey all! I'm not new to DAYZ but i'm new to DAYZRP. Until I met my husband my gaming skills were little and limited to Mario Kart. He got me started on WOW . made it to level 87, then started CS, insurgency. Then came DAYZ. Would and did spend hours playing. I really love this game but it got to a point that we would run for hours just to finally get where you need to be and get killed by hackers. My husband has more hours then most people on this game up until a few months ago. Just really getting frustrated with all this hacking. Then he found this and now we can get back to playing. Have applied so just waiting to hear back. Thanks for having a great place to actually play!