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  1. I have got more footage of more holdups and...various activities that get increasingly...interesting
  2. A DayZRP video! Taking two captives into the woods... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NukfyoVi5X0 Thanks for watching
  3. I'm starting off a new channel with my first video right here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1vFe7UAmPw I hope to make some more with the community! Thanks
  4. I haven't done a video in over 10 months but I'm starting up again. I'm making a new video now on DayZRP! My Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGp5n70b7SQl9usR1cTYOgg
  5. I was whitelisted for DayZRP over a year ago but have not played for almost a year now. I want to start playing on it again, especially with friends, but when I go to the whitelist page it goes through the 7 steps to get whitelisted rather than telling me that I have been accepted and the password as it did a year ago. Has there been any changes over the last year to the whitelist, have I been removed due to inactivity or is this a different issue? And if so, how do I solve this? Thanks and I hope that you can help
  6. Dr. Norman

    Interesting bug...

    I heard on a video that this may be due to drinking water from a gas canister, but they may have assumed the incorrect cause.
  7. Using metal plating as armour. Being able to make trailers. Being able to sit on the back. Being able to store items in vehicles. Repairing vehicles.
  8. I think that their range and battery life needs to be increased, so people are more likely to establish contact
  9. Dr. Norman

    My Dayz Items Wish List.

    More on the vehicles and modifying them, like adding plating in a specific area. And buses. We need buses. Being able to coat arrows in infected blood? If you don't kill a player, then you stalk them until they drop dead or have to take antibiotics. Other than that just maybe some smarter fighting mechanics with less chance of death.
  10. I try to stick to the survivor with some military gear look with red paramedic clohing. Especially with a red beret and gas mask, looks great and gives me a friendly medic look
  11. I wanted to create a thread just to ask what people most like to wear. If you like to stick to camo clothing, something that sticks to your character or something else?
  12. If S1 and S2 are full, I would assume that most players wouldn't mind too much about playing on S3. I haven't even got in yet so I don't know patterns, but there is a problem if S1 and S2 are full and players join very quickly when someone leaves while S3 is at a low population. If that isn't what is happening, then I don't think that anything is wrong. S3 also shows caring for the minority who prefer first-person, and to be honest I would probably prefer it.
  13. I haven't gotten reviewed yet, but if I do get accepted (fingers crossed with you SAV1OUR) I might go up to some military action hotspots to give some medical assistance. Sounds like plenty of wounded chaps needing help!