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  1. 1ST Server

    Yes thank you
  2. 1ST Server

    What is going on with 1st server? There arent any people
  3. Greetings, survivors!

    Hello and welcome to the community man!
  4. New character

    i died 5 times in dayzrp and 4 of them cause of crashes
  5. New character

    it was 1 minute ago it wasnt restart my friend all the time were in server
  6. New character

    Then somebody is KoS....
  7. New character

    I was at green mountain and my game crashed. When i reloged i spawn at new charecter. What was this ****?
  8. Server locked

    Server eu1 locked what is going on?
  9. Character

    Oh... I am stupid.. Thanks
  10. Character

    How to change character's look? I changed it in menu, but in game same s*** and even after respawn...
  11. Character Biographies

    Name: Wiktor Kubski Age: 18 Height: 184 cm Weight: 86 kg Nationality: Polish Hair: Black Eyes: blue Pre-Outbreak Profession: Student Demeanor in Three Words: Easy to persuade
  12. Hello!

    Welcome to the community!
  13. Streams

    Thank you