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  1. What is going on with 1st server? There arent any people
  2. Hello and welcome to the community man!
  3. i died 5 times in dayzrp and 4 of them cause of crashes
  4. it was 1 minute ago it wasnt restart my friend all the time were in server
  5. I was at green mountain and my game crashed. When i reloged i spawn at new charecter. What was this ****?
  6. Server eu1 locked what is going on?
  7. Oh... I am stupid.. Thanks
  8. How to change character's look? I changed it in menu, but in game same s*** and even after respawn...
  9. Name: Wiktor Kubski Age: 18 Height: 184 cm Weight: 86 kg Nationality: Polish Hair: Black Eyes: blue Pre-Outbreak Profession: Student Demeanor in Three Words: Easy to persuade
  10. Welcome to the community!