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  1. Hey, my PoV is essentially that we as a group headed toward Stary, after taking a drink from the pond on the entrance I headed toward a two story red building as i heard that some of our guys had encountered some people deeper in Stary who were acting shifty. I moved to the two story red building in order to attempt to cover them. Not long after this Matt informs us of people next to him on the electic box hill, as he's talking to the duo things start to get seemingly hostile at which point I draw my attention toward Matt's location at which point I have a perfect view of one of the pair. I keep my sights on him up until he initiaties on Matt, at which point I open fire killing one of them in one/two shots.
  2. I can't speak for all permabanned players, but I know a few which were banned for nothing to do with RP or ingame nonsense, banned for getting upset/bored and posting silly things on the forums.
  3. Server and location: S1 Below Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:58 Your in game name: Daniel Hess ( I Think it could've been survivor something) Names of allies involved: Daz Grant Name of suspect/s: Paisely Duvont, Jack Fisher and some others Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Me and Daz were RPing at the green house below Vybor, pretending to be collecting a tax for an anonymous employer which was infact just a chance to get easy medical supplies without a robbery, extortion if you will. After a little time of RP more people came we started to move out. As we did we got initiated on and within half a second we were both killed without even a chance to react or comply in any manor. I don't know what we were supposed to do in that situation, neither of us even had the chance to think about reacting. The other side were too trigger happy by the seems of it, trigger happy to the point in which it is a rule break.
  4. Few of the old boys, you might not have been around back then though.
  5. Hey guys i'm back. Thanks to Rolle and the staff for offering a second chance to a couple of the guys.
  6. lemonade319


    If a few boys can be amnestied. Not sure though. Hopefully.
  7. lemonade319


    If I looked hard enough I could find the vids.
  8. lemonade319


    It wasn't on here. It was on one of the other servers. No one group has a 100% track record Lmao. Even the greatest groups.
  9. lemonade319


    Someone called Pandi led it I think. Had like 30 members. We always felt like Axis soldiers standing off against the Soviet swarm lmao.
  10. lemonade319


    I remember stomping a CRA, on another server though ?
  11. Mod servers that haven't used Chernarus don't tend to last well. We've tried it here, many others have tried it, people want Chernarus generally.
  12. I never remember this server having KoS zones, atleast back in the mod days and early standalone. Yeah it can be pretty irritating but that's what your gonna get. Everyone playing are essentially playing their own fiction, so ofc they're gonna be the heroes/main character of their story. So you're gonna get alot of people like that. You can't expect everyone to play side characters just so you can see more average joes. You will have to play Stalker or Metro, or something like that for that kind of experience.
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