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  1. GTA V (PC) - Hype & Discussion thread

    I gotta say, considering the exposure of this game on pc, Rockstar handled the launch top notch. It took no time to transfer my char from PlayStation and get right into playing the game.
  2. 30 tips for 0.55

    Thats Aggathor, a great dayz community video content creator and he was in the DayZ Qualifiers aswell for the upcoming Survivor gameZ (event at 19th of april)
  3. Ye i think persistence will make it better aswell. Sure, obviously theres ways to avoid constant robbing, i my self dont play a high end geared character for one of those reasons aswell, but getting robbed just for rare items like a skull facemask or the new field jacket seems often to be because they robbers knows its a rare item.
  4. I agree with everything Rampage said. Nothing more cringy than when a guy shows up with a sword and everyone just goes into "Hey you wanna trade that sword? hey what you want for that sword man?" and then usually if the person doesnt its a 10sec drop your stuff robbery right after for said item. I dont think there should be a rule against robberies its what would happend in a real apocalypse aswell but my experience sadly is that alot of people mainly rob for gear and then just slaps some poor RP on top of it to hide the fact they want a specific item which is rare to find.
  5. Foregoing weapons for RP

    Its not that my character dont know how to operate automatic rifles he just prefers bolt rifles as thats what hes always used. To me your weapon of choice reflects alot on you as a person. I would love to see more people just using pistols.
  6. New whitelist system coming Soon™

    I like the idea of implementing Lore as part of the whitelisting process, i see nothing but good and better RP to come from this. However, as a person who used all his 3 attempts to join this community, working on my app countless of hours, spending alot of time on forums reading through guides, contacting community helpers both on forum and teamspeak to make sure i did my research properly, the idea of having to go through that part again does not sound great. Id like to think i earned my stay, like many others, and that the report system is what decides whether or not its time for people not to be here any longer. That sounds extremely unfair for the people who didnt break any rules. As i posted before i think the report system should be the one deciding if members already in should have their membership re-evaluated.
  7. Ghillie suit

    I dont use it as my character isnt military. I find it extremely weird interacting with people aswell in ghilie suits as i keep thinking they arent wearing it to hide from Zombies so naturally i am on toes around people using them.
  8. You dont use an AKM for hunting either though. Why not try a Blaze, Mousin or CZ527?
  9. You helped and inspired me to work better on my app, thanks for that and good luck to you whereever you go.
  10. I feel the same way, and tbh has put me off playing much until persistance is on. It feels as if alot of people use this server to secure the best loot primarily than to get good RP sessions out of it. The other day i witnessed a group of people meeting a lone guy who had that black facemask everyone apparently seem to want and it was just so cringy to see how they kept pushing him to trade it even though he didnt want to and when they finally decided that 1 piece of gear was important enough to cast away any chance of good RP, they locked the guy up in a building and forced him to drop the stuff they wanted before he would be set free. I wish i could talk to people and ask why they so focused on loot, but as i cant i just RP it out trying to make them see its not a normal thing to be asking a stranger you just meet for magazines and specific items of clothes. My suggestion is staying away from GM and surrounding areas as it seem to be the center of LootRP as i like to call it.
  11. Favorite primary weapon

    Close range, MP-133 Long range, CZ527, just need a LRS on it.
  12. 1911 or Magnum?

    Im not certain if you ask about the choice RP wise or just straight up performance wise. But as you describe your character a magnum fits the best imo. Theres just something about the Magnum with its wooden handle and straight forward loading of ammo that works so well with a survivor using improvised backpack etc. If its just straight up which one performs better then choice is obvious as the 1911 can hold 7 bullets and has silencer capability.
  13. Reason to rob

    yeah i understand it but if they are gonna act like that just because the last one is bad then this one is also doomed to fail since they are not willing to take an active part in it also how can i tell they have been robbed 3 times prior? all i can tell is that they are giving me lackluster RP. Its a mutual interaction with both responsible for the RP quality i agree. However, ill go out on a limb here and say that robbing alot of times is properly alot more fun than being robbed alot of times
  14. Reason to rob

    Well, i can understand if people arent up for providing top notch hostage RP if its their 4th robbery that day, cant you? Personally i find staying away from big groups and known danger areas (fool me once GM) keeps the robbing to a minimum, but then again, like someone said, you can end up in RP starvation because youre simply too clear of the people zones. Its a delicate balance. It would be sad if that were the case. Robbing someone shouldnt be the default response if you cant find a reason to interact with a person.