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  1. iv only been playing dayzrp for a few weeks and iv managed to have the exact opposite experience. I have grown tired of meeting people n being like hey whats your story lets hang out n go here. Hey whos this guy. wanna come with us? next thing you know theres 20 people at green mountain theres 3 fires im sweaty everyones talking over eachother. everyone is friendly like always... granted i travel with a buddy or 2 rarely play solo. EX. its night time me n 2 friends at a fire in the middle of a centralish small town. this guy walks right up to the fucking fire like HI WHTS UP GUYS. its the apocolypse dude and i want that gorka jacket sorry not sorry
  2. Starvation or Suicide: Your Decision

    never know who you might come across ...
  3. Are you happy with the UI?

    personalized UI please n thanks Hicks
  4. Hi :)

    Helooo friend!!!!! See you in the wastes!!!!
  5. companion pets??

    who would kill a guy with a herd of pigs
  6. companion pets??

    lmao yes funny thought i expect it would be better in a RP situation than a regular game one. wht would a hackers dog be like ????lol
  7. companion pets??

    imagine your sneaking up on somebody and come across a dog and it starts barking u gotta kill it right ... or feed it n tame it. it starts sniffing people out or distracting somebody. idk just a thought i saw an image of a guy on a horse as well.
  8. companion pets??

    how do you guys feel about horses in the game or maybe dogs some feral some cool ? Dogs would alert others to your position or find things for you or attack so many possibilities!! what do you guys think?
  9. The Sanctuary Survivor

    this is awesome such a cool idea!!!
  10. Hello

    im like 281 !!!!!! i feel like mine was a good one tho fingers crossed would like to play tonight....... soooooo excited tho helllloooooooo allllll
  11. Hello

    hello everybody looking foreword to being a part of the community