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  1. Daniel Joiner

    Born on the dawn of a new year Daniel Joiner was a blessing for his parents John and Karen Joiner. By all accounts he was a healthy bouncing baby boy, who loved nothing more than spending time with his parents. But soon that all changed. Daniel's father was a foreign diplomat for the Canadian government leading up the start of the cold war. As a diplomat he lived in Moscow, Russia with his only son and wife. But during this formative and dangerous period of time the Russian government was declaring sane citizens of other countries to be insane and locking them up in asylums as political prisoners. Entire families would go missing. including Daniel's. After his family was taken Daniel was seperated from his family immediately at the age of 13 and subjected to the worst fourms of neglect and torture a child could indure. Left to starve and rot in a cell with nothing but the smell of shit and unrine to keep him company. He only cried for help for the first year. Eventully a mind breaks and he didn't cry out anymore. 15 years passed before his hell in this Russian political prison would end. By this point both his parents had been killed in the same torturous conditions their only surviving son had survived. But this came at a price. Daniel had become more of a what then a who. A person whom didn't have a real identity and a mistrust for all those around him from years a negligence and abuse. At 28 years of age Daniel was released to the only suitable place a broken mind tortured by violence and death can do. An experimental asylum hidden deep in the northern tundra of Russia. His life improved with the help of a Doctor named Yuri Antanov. Dr.Antanov was known world wife for his breakthrough drug-less therapy techniques as well as hit cutting edge approaches to repairing the broken mind of the insane. Daniel was to be his crowning achievement, the crescendo of his already distinguished career. 20 years would pass and all efforts to save Daniels mind failed. He had become something or someone else, an alter had taken over. A violent psychopath whom aptly named himself "Jester" a title of which he earned for his sick and twisted sense of humor and his equally twisted treatment of orderly's and patients alike. By this point he had been locked in a secure wing for 10 years after killing a nurse on duty and injuring two male staff who attempted to save the poor woman. near the end of this 20 year stretch Jester had become tired and bored, in attempts to force human contact and torment those who cared for him he smuggled a mirror into his cell and used the broken glass that resulted from its destruction to systematically removed chunks of his own face. A final fuck you to his so called doctors. Much isn't known of Daniel's escape, of if he survived his long journey south back to civilization. But what suggests he survived was evidence of his calling card, the removal and consumption of the victims face meat. Daniel continued south, finding his way to Chernarus. Killing on occasion and robbing in small amounts to not arise suspicion. But then it happend, the world as we know it ended. But for Jester, things were just getting started.
    • Taryn
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    Hi, bb. ❤❤❤❤❤

  2. As always it is a pleasure to hang out with the lost souls, you guys are the only reason I even RP anymore. Thanks Also @Taryn Allegheny " I see you <3 "
  3. Coolest thing you've done in DayZRP

    Well there was that time I convinced someone they were my daughter until she regained her full memory. Was nice being a dad, if only for a short while
  4. you missed me Although that would imply I that you enjoy my RP lol
  5. Felix's Journeys (Pro psychopath RP videos)

    Ahh man, So many good memories!
  6. Welcome back @Defiance Thanks for letting Jester Crash at your pad
  7. Best prank ever man. ^_^:ph34r:

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      I can't believe I didn't recognize you...or noticed it .... :ph34r:

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    4. Lyca
  8. No loot?

    This current patch the loot economy does seem a little wonky, But it is entirely possible to survive and find all the guns and toys you want. It just takes some work. But as stated by others here, The coast is normally picked clean from new spawns. So find an apple tree and a well. Feed and drink and then run north to find your fame and fortune!
  9. Initiating on Vehicles

    If I personally am driving and I don't see the text initiation I just keep driving. If they shoot me, I take it to the forums. They should know the rules Also shout out to people who walk in front of a speeding Car at the last second to stop me when I have no ability to slow down or stop. What is the opinion of the community on that? If someone walks in front of me and I physically can't stop due to driving 100km+. Is it my fault they died or are they just committing NVFL? Just curious as I have had to do a lot of high speed dodging of people when they attempt a daring stop.
  10. Enforced Medical RP

    Yeah, not a fan of this at all. -1
  11. To RP Or Not To RP That Is The Question...

    Horrible idea. If we make pvp a moot point why wouldn't we just not play dayz anymore and just rp on ts?
  12. +1 to both of these. Very well put
  13. People have the right to give criticism. Whether or not it is good and comstructive criticism is a different story but I believe most of the people here are just voicing their concerns. No need to get all defensive. Isn't that what you just did? "Sorry Not Sorry" is a song by Bryson Tiller - Aka my Profile song and if you check, the song is completely unrelated to this topic so I am not sure why you would be addressing this in your post. Song Lyrics and meaning Please keep this discussion on topic, thank you! Well as much as I'd love to believe you, I just cant. Both the song and the user title just shows that you didn't take the feedback from members of this community seriously. I had hoped that my feedback was constructive enough for you to improve on your obvious arrogance but nah. I'm done trying to be constructive and helpful for you. I don't think you're the right person to be a PR Manager for this community anymore with your lack of professionalism, have fun. Sorry not sorry. Would it suck to be wrong. Because I can verify that story. Just because you don't belive it doesn't mean it's not true. But I guess that's just arrogance.
  14. Can I ask a question? Why is everyone shitting all over people who donate their time to this community. Yes there are 2 people in PR. Both also don't get payed. So wtf? The majority of people who seem to do this don't seem to have the ambition or skills to follow through with staff positioning anyway. And most wouldn't wanna bother with it anyway. I get its fun to fourm warrior all over and tell everyone they could do better. But shitting all over 2 people who's job in this community concerns working with outside contractors who play video games for a living obviously takes time. What makes anyone else feel they are so much better than the current Pr team?