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  1. *In the voice of Ruslan Omarov* Should have got your bihh to give us her gun, ehh?
  2. Shitty Sobaki profile banner I made by stealing @Post's logo and @Shark's screenshot. gfy bihhes featuring ruslan and timur (?)
  3. Stop making a scene you idiot.
  4. *Once again in the voice of Rauiri Sheil* No you.
  6. > "yeah faggot, kill yourself." > already dead work on that roleplay doosty smh.
  7. Some stuff I've been listening to recently.
  8. It comes down to both the actions of the community and the LM team. A lore wipe, a new lore and being closer to the beginning of the outbreak allows more pre-outbreak lore factions to exist and take part in events. It also allows for different types of RP groups and characters to exist also, as people would behave differently in the early days of the apocalypse than they would a few years in (where we're at now) and a newly written lore would expand the potential avenues of roleplay that people could pursue.
  9. *Hearing the transmission and some friendly voices over the radio, Wiseguy Harawira of the Mighty Mongrel Mob pressed down his push-to-talk and began to speak in his distinctive Maori accent.* "Aww nah bro, what the fuck g that sucks aye. Damn only met that bitch like, once, but she was like sweet as aye -- oi, bad luck to my bro Austin." "Life is a mata usi, aye bros?" *Wiseguy ended his transmission and reached into his pocket, pulling out some pingas which he looked at for a moment before shoving them in his mouth.*
  10. 101

    Thus proving our point; that some people in your group provide terrible to bad RP or otherwise have no issue with it.
  11. 101

    Dunno if you saw but that's a video posted by Strider below you. Looks like proof to me buddy. : )
  12. Ruslan Omarov was a contestant on the Russian gameshow Dom-2.
  13. *In the voice of Rory Sheil* Quiet you.
  14. Warming ourselves by the fire on Sobaki Island. Depressed Eugene. @Blitz Ruslan's bihh Nona. @Panic