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  1. Nolan

    5 points - "Flaming/Flamebaiting"

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I'll explain why the points were unjust in two points, considering Hollows wasn't sure whether he was pointing me for flaming or flamebaiting. Firstly, my post wasn't flaming whatsoever and I'm at a loss at how it could be misconstrued as such. For a little bit of context, a member of The Saviours (I forget who) posted a meme in the same style of mine, defining "Akrasia" as someone with "a lack of control" - or something along those lines. This is an example of flaming or flamebaiting as it's a direct attack on the character of the members of Akrasia. In response, I posted what you see above - mischaracterising their group as a fan club for the Walking Dead character Neegan, since they took the same name as his group in the show. I fail to see how this could be seen as offensive, it's a lighthearted joke in response to a thread created by The Saviours and is in the same vein as the OP. If you can tell me with a straight face that joking about a group being a fan club for a TV character is flaming -- especially when the group in question relates to that character in nothing but name -- then I'm at a loss for words. Secondly, my post wasn't flame-baiting in the slightest and was not intended as such -- and I don't see how a staff member can get away with pointing me by assuming my intentions incorrectly. As I stated above, the post was totally inoffensive. Why should I expect an angry response from a post like that? Nobody would be angry enough to flame me in response, hence the lack of flame-baiting in my post, and that goes without even mentioning the fact that I had no reasons to want The Saviours to respond angrily as I've got nothing to do with Akrasia in the slightest. Since rules 1.1 and 1.2 were quoted in my warning message, I'll deconstruct them: 1.1 - My post was not impolite, immature or disrespectful in any reasonable sense. 1.2 - My post was not, nor was I, insulting, bullying, harassing, trolling or provoking in any reasonable sense of those words. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Member/s of The Saviours seem to share the same opinion as me, if that has any weight in a ban appeal around me allegedly flaming them. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Warning points removed. What could you have done better? Nothing.
  2. Nolan

    Black Skull Media Thread

    *In the voice of Ruslan Omarov* Should have got your bihh to give us her gun, ehh?
  3. Nolan

    Sobaki [Media Thread]

    Shitty Sobaki profile banner I made by stealing @Post's logo and @Shark's screenshot. gfy bihhes featuring ruslan and timur (?)
  4. Nolan

    Sobaki [Media Thread]

    Stop making a scene you idiot.
  5. Nolan

    Sobaki [Media Thread]

    *Once again in the voice of Rauiri Sheil* No you.
  6. Nolan

    Sobaki [Media Thread]

  7. Nolan

    Failed Robberies Thread

    > "yeah faggot, kill yourself." > already dead work on that roleplay doosty smh.
  8. Nolan

    punk rock/pop?

    Some stuff I've been listening to recently.
  9. Nolan

    The Lore Wipe

    It comes down to both the actions of the community and the LM team. A lore wipe, a new lore and being closer to the beginning of the outbreak allows more pre-outbreak lore factions to exist and take part in events. It also allows for different types of RP groups and characters to exist also, as people would behave differently in the early days of the apocalypse than they would a few years in (where we're at now) and a newly written lore would expand the potential avenues of roleplay that people could pursue.
  10. Nolan

    To Ex-Horsemen [Old Horsemen Freq Private]

    *Hearing the transmission and some friendly voices over the radio, Wiseguy Harawira of the Mighty Mongrel Mob pressed down his push-to-talk and began to speak in his distinctive Maori accent.* "Aww nah bro, what the fuck g that sucks aye. Damn only met that bitch like, once, but she was like sweet as aye -- oi, bad luck to my bro Austin." "Life is a mata usi, aye bros?" *Wiseguy ended his transmission and reached into his pocket, pulling out some pingas which he looked at for a moment before shoving them in his mouth.*
  11. Nolan

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    me, bihh
  12. Nolan

    Google your character name!

    Ruslan Omarov was a contestant on the Russian gameshow Dom-2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dom-2
  13. Nolan

    Sobaki [Media Thread]

    *In the voice of Rory Sheil* Quiet you.
  14. Nolan

    Sobaki [Media Thread]

    Warming ourselves by the fire on Sobaki Island. Depressed Eugene. @Blitz Ruslan's bihh Nona. @Panic
  15. Nolan

    The World's Strongest Man...

    nice event guy : )