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  1. Nolan

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed][GOTY 2018]

    great roleplay today guys, shout out to @Asriel
  2. rip mr harrison agagagagaga ?
  3. Nolan

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed][GOTY 2018]

    we been at war for a while lol ?
  4. You too bro, keen to see where that whole encounter will take us.
  5. Konstantin Ivanovich Petrov and Svetlana Nikolayevna Petrov gave birth to their third son on the 10th of November, 1982 - the same day as the death of Communist Party chairman, Leonid Brezhnev. Both Soviet patriots and survivors of the Siege of Leningrad in the Great Patriotic War, Konstantin and Svetlana named their son after their fallen leader, saddened by his death on that miserable day in central Leningrad. Leonid Konstantinovich Petrov was one of many babies born on that day who were named after the late chairman, however his link to Marxism-Leninism is one that he would grow to despise after the fall of the Soviet Union and his negative opinions of its legacy. In 1987 his father’s work, being a Starshina (Sergeant Major) in the Soviet Army, forced them to relocate, with Konstantin Ivanovich Petrov having been reassigned to another unit stationed in Chernarus. The new unit, made up largely of ethnic Chernarussians, was based at a camp just under the Black Mountains and to the east of Belozersk, and had recently been raised to go and fight in the war in Afghanistan. Leonid, his mother and two brothers lived in a small town named Zhovte outside the camp - unlike Konstantin’s unit, populated mostly by ethnic Russians. When the Soviet Union fell and Konstantin’s unit was handed over to the Chernarussian government, he considered leaving and heading back to St Petersburg. However in a time of economic stagnation, he favoured economic security rather than unemployment, and stayed on in one of the first units of the Chernarussian Defence Force. In 2001, having turned 18, Leonid followed his father into the armed forces, looking to achieve what his father did - the rank of Štábní Rotmistr or First Sergeant. After basic training on Utes Island, he was stationed in Belozersk as part of the 45th Armoured Battalion or 45. Tankový Prapor with the role of gunner on a T-72 tank. Leonid Konstantinovich Petrov stayed in the CDF until 2007 when he, along with many other ethnically Russian CDF soldiers, resigned in protest at the outlaw of the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star as a political party. He received a dishonourable discharge at the rank of Rotmistr or Sergeant First Class, having assumed the role of commander of his T-72. When the 2009 Chernarussian Civil War broke out, Leonid supported neither side - not the CDF, NAPA or the ChDKZ - unlike many Russian ex-servicemen. He did however join a local militia that had the intention of preventing either NAPA or ChDKZ harassment or attacks on the Chernarussian and Russian population in a series of towns at the feet of the Black Mountains. They occupied the abandoned base next to his hometown of Zhovte and their numbers grew until they were a unit of (just above) company-strength. With his past military experience, at a senior NCO rank, he became the right hand man of their leader, Josef Bečvář - a 50 year old ex-Kapitán of the CDF. Defending ethnic Russian civilians from nationalist gangs rotated in and out with fighting ChDKZ units hellbent on killing Chernarussians, and things were rarely quiet. After the brutal conflict ended, Leonid continued to do security work - this time on a private basis for a Russian-based company. He was on a job, guarding a businessman in Dagestan, when the infection broke out in 2017. Upon the urging of his wife Maria Olegovna Petrov and his desire to protect her, he made it back to Zhovte just before the border was closed. He tried to round up the men of his old militia unit to help defend the town from the infection that raged closer, but many had fallen in the 2009 conflict or died of wounds sustained in it, like Kapitán Bečvář. With very few men, the militia stood their ground and tried to fight the infection alongside the CDF forces in the area but to no avail. The first line of defences fell, then the second and soon Zhovte was overrun - however at that time Leonid was unconscious and wounded, injured by a friendly fire incident in the heat of battle. Guarded by his surviving men at the top of an apartment complex, Leonid Konstantinovich Petrov woke to the news that the world as he knew it was over.
  6. Ruslan Omarov was a Private in the 7th Guards Airborne-Assault (Mountain) Division, the first of four divisions in the Russian Vozdushno-desantnye voyska (VDV). Born in Kamyzyak, Astrakhan Oblast in 1988, Ruslan was soon put to work on his family’s farm, one of 5 children working to barely scrape a living by. Life was tough for the poor Russian family living alongside the Volga River, especially during the turmoil following the fall of the Soviet Union. In 2004 Ruslan joined the military to escape life on the farm, and while originally indifferent, he found that he enjoyed the physical punishment and competition that took place in basic training. While not graduating at the top of his class, Ruslan was well regarded by his instructors and his attitude was noted. Due to his determination and daring attitude, Ruslan was assigned to 226th Airborne Training regiment, as part of the VDV, Russia’s airborne forces. After completing training, Ruslan was sent to the 108th Guards Airborne Regiment, part of the 7th Guards Airborne-Assault (Mountain) Division. Ruslan arrived early enough to see some fighting in Dagestan, fighting off Islamic insurgents who were part of the Islamic International Brigade. By January 2015, Ruslan and the 7th GMD were sent to the Black Mountain quarantine zone, to help contain a disease outbreak in the neighbouring ex-SSR of Chernarus. After months of holding the quarantine, the Russian lines were overrun and were forced to retreat in disarray. Ruslan took this as an opportunity to part ways with the army, so deserted and began to survive on his own, no longer risking his life for others. Chased by the undead and searching for supplies, Ruslan eventually came across the small Black Sea state of Chernarus.
  7. Kirovograd Tomáš Beneš was born in the riverside city of Kirovograd on the 11th of October, 1990 -- the dying days of the Soviet Union. But to Tomáš very little changed following this momentous geopolitical event, besides the toppling of a few statutes in the city centre. Smog from the factories on the west bank of the Burnaya River still obscured the glow from the rising sun. His parents still went to work in those factories every day, leaving early and coming home late. Sewerage from those factories still polluted the river his ancestors once swam in. Granted, Tomáš never truly experienced life under the Soviet Union -- nor did he have many memories of his early childhood to begin with. It was often not worth thinking about, for reasons which might be obvious. It wasn’t a particularly pleasant childhood. Nor were his teenage years much better; all that changed was who administered the occasion beating -- his parents or some Adidas-clad thug. Admittedly, Tomáš was a thug too. He also gave out a fair few beatings of his own, as did the crew he hung out with. He wasn’t a particularly moral person, nor was he especially political either; he didn’t much have the time for that. He did, however, take a certain pride in the land of his birth and the people which inhabited it. Civil War That seed of pride, planted in his head by the paternal bedtime story, was soon cultivated into fervent nationalism by his father’s rants at the dinner table, and Tomáš’ growing distaste for the Russian occupiers and Takistani invaders who resided in Kirovograd. This gradual conditioning eventually came to a head when Tomáš turned 18, parental pressure suddenly forcing him to find a real job and leave the house. He took advantage of that sole driving principle -- pride in his country -- and enlisted in the Chernarussian Defence Force in December 2008. Having spent 4 months training on Utes Island, Tomáš soon found himself assigned to the 33rd Light Infantry Battalion (33. Prapor Lehké Pěchoty), a rather nondescript unit stationed near Miroslavl. However, Tomáš’ fantasy of spending the next decade in his dress uniform chatting up local women in Miroslavl clubs was not to be realised. War broke out in July of 2009, with the ChDKZ having seized large swathes of territory in South Zagoria. This leftist Russian militia was all that Tomáš hated, and he was eager to reach the front line. But it took time for the 33rd to mobilise, and by the time Vojín Beneš and his unit reached South Zagoria the Chernarussian Defence Force had already claimed their first victory at Balota. Still, Tomáš Beneš’ trial by fire was to come. Bound for Chernarus was a force of 2000 U.S Marines, intervening against the Chedaki forces in Operation Harvest Red -- and their first stop was Utes Island. Having been the site of gruesome massacres in the early days of the war, Utes was a rallying cry for the CDF forces which won at Balota, and indeed for all the units which sought to turn the tide of battle and extract their own vengeance. The 33. Prapor Lehké Pěchoty was sent to assist the Marines in their invasion, landing on the north side of the island having set off from the Chernarussian coast. Reaching the docks at Kamenyy following the invasion by the Marines, the 33rd caught the remaining Chedaki forces in a bloody crossfire which left scores of dead on both sides. With the island secured, Tomáš had taken his time to rest, slumped against bloodstained sandbags which guarded the main road to Kamenny. Closing his eyes and enjoying the relative tranquility, Tomáš had his rest interrupted by the sound of a camera shutter closing. Rising to his feet and seething with an abrupt rage, he gave the bedraggled photojournalist a rough shove, making note of the man’s name tag. Tomáš got out a quick “fuck you, Kinsky,” before his comrades pulled him off the stunned photographer who made a swift exit. Takistan The 33rd’s time on Utes was the fiercest fighting they saw before the bloody civil war came to a close, and after a short period of occupation in the Russian-populated north, they returned to their base in Miroslavl. By the time the Sharigh Plateau Crisis developed in 2012, Tomáš Beneš was a Desátník (corporal) and had a good working relationship with his fellow soldiers, especially his platoon sergeant, Rotný Andrej Zemanová. With the news of an American intervention in neighbouring Takistan, and the likelihood of CDF participation in the occupation, Desátník Beneš and Rotný Zemanová soon began to scheme. Zemanová came from a similarly deprived background as Tomáš and shared his amorality; eventually both decided that they would use their criminal contacts in Chernarus to traffick opium across the Takistan-Chernarus border. Working alongside Tomáš’ squad, the pair found a source in Takistan and had an exceptionally lucrative deployment. When they returned to that barren land at the end of 2013, an expansion of operations within the platoon resulted in a few high minded privates informing the 33rd’s commanding officer of their illegal activities. Dragged out of the barracks in the dead of night, Tomáš, Andrej and their co-conspirators were whisked across the border to face a military tribunal and court martial. Tomáš was dishonourably discharged and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment, to be served at the CDF Detention Facility at Camp Ostrava outside Novigrad. Prison During his 4 year stay at Camp Ostrava, Tomáš Beneš came to resent the Chernarussian Defence Force and all its pretension. In his mind, he was a patriot and loyal soldier, a veteran of two wars, one of the hero Křižáci who liberated Utes. All he had done was earn a little extra on the side, a fee for the blood, sweat and tears he’d spilled for his native Chernarus. But snakes and traitors had conspired against him, and against Chernarus, to remove one of its able soldiers from the battlefield. To Tomáš, the CDF was a treacherous militia filled with pinkos and harbouring Russians - Russians who had informed on Tomáš’ trafficking activities. His loyalty and love for Chernarus remained, but not for its military. Thinking he was destined to spend his best years rotting away in a prison cell, ‘good behaviour’ was not a phrase Tomáš ever sought to embody. Yet, in August of 2017, with a deadly virus spreading across the nation, his cell door was flung open and Tomáš took his first few steps as a free man since that fateful night in Takistan.
  8. Nolan

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed][GOTY 2018]

    this was a mistake ?
  9. Nolan

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed][GOTY 2018]

    ? thanks
  10. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I'll explain why the points were unjust in two points, considering Hollows wasn't sure whether he was pointing me for flaming or flamebaiting. Firstly, my post wasn't flaming whatsoever and I'm at a loss at how it could be misconstrued as such. For a little bit of context, a member of The Saviours (I forget who) posted a meme in the same style of mine, defining "Akrasia" as someone with "a lack of control" - or something along those lines. This is an example of flaming or flamebaiting as it's a direct attack on the character of the members of Akrasia. In response, I posted what you see above - mischaracterising their group as a fan club for the Walking Dead character Neegan, since they took the same name as his group in the show. I fail to see how this could be seen as offensive, it's a lighthearted joke in response to a thread created by The Saviours and is in the same vein as the OP. If you can tell me with a straight face that joking about a group being a fan club for a TV character is flaming -- especially when the group in question relates to that character in nothing but name -- then I'm at a loss for words. Secondly, my post wasn't flame-baiting in the slightest and was not intended as such -- and I don't see how a staff member can get away with pointing me by assuming my intentions incorrectly. As I stated above, the post was totally inoffensive. Why should I expect an angry response from a post like that? Nobody would be angry enough to flame me in response, hence the lack of flame-baiting in my post, and that goes without even mentioning the fact that I had no reasons to want The Saviours to respond angrily as I've got nothing to do with Akrasia in the slightest. Since rules 1.1 and 1.2 were quoted in my warning message, I'll deconstruct them: 1.1 - My post was not impolite, immature or disrespectful in any reasonable sense. 1.2 - My post was not, nor was I, insulting, bullying, harassing, trolling or provoking in any reasonable sense of those words. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Member/s of The Saviours seem to share the same opinion as me, if that has any weight in a ban appeal around me allegedly flaming them. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Warning points removed. What could you have done better? Nothing.
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    Black Skull Media Thread

    *In the voice of Ruslan Omarov* Should have got your bihh to give us her gun, ehh?
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    Sobaki [Media Thread]

    Shitty Sobaki profile banner I made by stealing @Post's logo and @Shark's screenshot. gfy bihhes featuring ruslan and timur (?)
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    Sobaki [Media Thread]

    Stop making a scene you idiot.
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