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  1. Flanking stories are always exciting. I love that lone wolf feeling, when you're in the heat of a battle, but sneak around the battlefield.
  2. Not what I expected, but no less glorious than the other battles posted. Defending stuff is really fun. Sound like a great battle. You have no idea buddy, ask any veteran how Raven's nest was and they'll tell you it was awesome. Morgan's stories, the music being played and the stories being shared. Are there any recordings of it?
  3. Defending stuff is really fun. Sound like a great battle.
  4. I like to rescue people from hostage situations and kidnappings and stuff. Its such a good feeling when you take out guys torturing a innocent fresh spawn in one swift movement (best done with a group).
  5. I always thought GTA Online would be fun with structured role play. It has a perfect amount of customization, and a cool setting. Its been done before, on a really small scale though.
  6. Anything from a crazy wild axe fight with tons of blood and a mess of ruined clothing, or a long, drawn out sniper shoot out. Try to include how it all started.
  7. Are you or have you ever been a sea sponge?
  8. Hey DayZRP, just joined this community, awaiting my white list. Im pretty excited to start playing with everyone here. I had one question though. Should I be expecting experiences like when I play? Even if not, im still excited as hell. Also, if any other new players want a team to start off with, I got some friends, and we wouldn't mind having you if you want. When we first start playing of course. Thanks guys!
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