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  1. Summary Danny, Is from a single parent family born and raised in Greenwich London. With his Mother dying during birth. Danny was brought up by his Father (Mike). Mike had never came to terms with Mary's passing. And still resents his son for Mary's demise. Mike Butcher Mike Butcher (Danny's Father) was a prospect professional boxer. Even though the resentment towards Danny was always there. He couldn't risk carrying on his career inside the ring as he couldn't bare the thought of Danny growing up in a home like he did. Without a parent. Mike dropped his dreams of fighting in the lights and took a full-time job in a warehouse on a minimal wage just to get him and his son by. Danny often found himself as a burden to his father and still blames himself for his father loosing sight of his dreams. Growing Up Danny was the child what was always bullied at school. The children at school used to bully him for his clothes and the fact he didn't have a mum. However, Danny would always try to fight his corner. But most of the time it ended up with Danny being the one who lost. One day after a group of boys had stolen Danny's Bag and shoes. His dad decided to teach him what he learned out of his boxing career. This started Daniels obsession of combat sports. Danny became obsessed with boxing. Picking fights and showing people what he was made of. With his dad by his side he felt unstoppable. Let alone proud to be seeing his father finally happy. Danny always stood up for the "little guy" learning how to fight back made Danny feel like he could make a difference and finally give justice to people he felt deserving of it. From bullies or people who have even said something wrong to him. Danny always gave them something to fear. Danny always saw himself doing right. Despite the disapproval he was given from his peers. From his ways Danny has found himself being known as a "loose cannon" and doesn't know when to stop. This allows his emotions to get the best of him. And has also led him into some tough situations. Present Danny got picked up by a promoter and an agent and started getting his name put on undercards all around the world. Whilst training for his biggest fight. Mike reaches out to his old trainer Pavlov. Pavlov agrees to have Danny come to Russia to come and train in the hardest and most treacherous conditions. He accepts. Danny leaves a week later for Chernarus. Danny takes the boat over to Chernarus. On the way over there is some static on the radio of an SOS. With a man shrieking for help. With no other reactions and the only noise from the boat being the waves smacking against it Danny thinks nothing of it and goes to sleep. And that's all he remembers. Danny woke up on the beach the next day to find himself looking up on the sky unknown to where he currently is. He's laid on the side of the beach drenched in water on this cold beach having no clue where the hell he is. Danny closes his eyes and passes out. Danny is awoken by the sounds of choppers and gunshots flying over. The sounds reminded him of the film apocalypse now. Suddenly he sees machine gun fire light up the sky whilst hearing the screams of death respond to the bullets. With Danny being Danny. He pulls himself to his feet and he heads to the screams to find out who or what is in trouble. But all he can think about deep in is mind. "Where am I? and How can I get home?".
  2. any channels people know who stream dayzrp
  3. SPOILERS!!!!!!!! I am completely nuts for the walking dead. However I feel the show is stimulating a darker feel to it. And the characters are changing. I also think I can see a main character dying. And i predict we will see michonne fall in this half of the season.
  4. Right okay, identity is a massive hype right now. you-tuber's are spreading it about. Everyone is talking about the roles and the beautiful the graphics is. what does everyone else think about it honest thoughts. I think Frankie had valid reasons it looks fantastic, However only will work if a publisher backs it up. I've seen games with big expectations fail e.g cube world
  5. I am Tom Schnoda. A lot of my life I have been pushed around. I am not going to overpower people. And im not going to be a coward, And I have never seen blood. I am willing to make friends. But if you mean harm... Stay out of my way!
  6. . I read the issues as well lol. Im Zombie Obsessed here!!! GOT is good! anyone going to the Sky Atlantic GOT event?
  7. patriots from the UK here. As my mates dad got me into the sport when I was younger. im going with his team. The Patriots!!
  8. Well as its a week away till the TWD Mid season premier, and im really excited!!! So what shows is everyone else looking forward to next year? any SPOILERS please can you make it clear before saying it Thanks
  9. Linkin Park, Foo Fighters and Sum 41!!!! my dayz tunes. if im tired and like out and about. ill listen to classic rock and country.
  10. Longhorn. It's saved my life countless of times through standalone. just is such an assistance to have a gun with an extra scope!
  11. This would be cool! like tuning through different types of broadcasts. maybe when they add some sort of artiffical intelligence you could hear their plans and stuff. Radios really need to be branched out on standalone.
  12. The flash is good, I just started arrow again and I have to say I agree with you, the portrayal of arrow shows the darkness and consequences. However it doesn't beat Constantine
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