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  1. Nice idea, nice scenario, Good luck with that, bight actually turn out really well, anyway , yea like the previous post said, more detail, but everything else is pretty well made
  2. Nikolai is new to the area and situation from which he decided to wait awhile before he meets the real chernarus and people (until i get my application accepted and new story about his background in 16h from now heheh). P.S. (i have a good idea to make stories better i just need to start playing on the server :] ) Well, i'm actually looking forward seeing this, it is kinda intresting
  3. Actually i dont read the whole text, i read it in parts, and then assume the context, and by the way im a pretty fast reader
  4. J. Kennedy

    Rose Troyan

    That is actually really acurate xDDDDDD
  5. Well that's sad, kinda weird, and the grammar is not that well, but the idea it self is good, i'd like to see it remade, longer and in more detail
  6. Sounds not that bad being in Chernarus
  7. J. Kennedy

    Ender's lost journal -nolonger updating-

    Please Continue
  8. J. Kennedy

    The story of Phil Krueger

    Intresting use of the pictures and GIFS, don't know i could say gives some life to this, anyway nice job
  9. J. Kennedy

    The Gunman With A Skull Face

    Love it
  10. J. Kennedy

    Dante's Tale

    Two words, Wub Wub
  11. Took you a long time to write though, gj