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  1. [S2] Abuse of Game Mechanics - Prison Island

    Thank you for the guidance I will spent more time reviewing the forum canon. I didn't feel as tho I was trying to be deceptive or dishonest at any point. What is the next step?
  2. [S2] Abuse of Game Mechanics - Prison Island

    The snorkel was a length of hose on a pole which was mightily duct tape to the intake box. I used duct tape to seal the airbox and once it was running the exhaust did it's own work of keeping clear. Lonmg as i didnt kill the truck underwater it would stay up. The honest truth is I had a truck, first truck ever in dayZ, and I went w00000!!!! and a friend said, "you can drive that to the island!" a place I had never been before, so I did without a second thought. I tried to explain it using a snorkel, but really it was just a thoughtless thing to do and once I had reached the island it was too late, you guys had made up your minds about me. I could have simply drove away, but was in search of RP int he first place. I do care, It just surprised me to find a report here when I could have just as easily reported the suddent dissappearance of people who had detained and initiated an interrogation with me. I didn't think to use the truck against the rules, I simply didn't think.
  3. [S2] Abuse of Game Mechanics - Prison Island

    Not sure how I am meant to react, I provided what my RP explanation was, obviously it was not up to snuff. Let me know the result. I dont see what else you hope to hear?
  4. [S2] Abuse of Game Mechanics - Prison Island

    None of this strengthens your point. So whats the result then?
  5. [S2] Abuse of Game Mechanics - Prison Island

    It was your man who introduced witchcraft. I'm not sure what the problem is here? I didn't attack you or gain any advantage, I roleplayed through your detainment, YOU guys left and failed the RP because of a server restart. Why are you reporting me?
  6. [S2] Abuse of Game Mechanics - Prison Island

    Wow, forum warriors act fast here I see. I did explain that I had put a snorkel on the truck. If witchcraft is now a thing, why can't I snorkel my ride?