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  1. Thanks for the advice....I need to find a tutorial on how to use this....some people change colors and all that, I haven't got a clue...
  2. Tommy “The Mouth” Scarpeli was born in 1991 right it the middle of the Columbo family 3rd War . It was during this time there was no real leadership In the Columbo crime family. By the time Tommy was 9 he was helping the family by running football betting cards and helping out around his Dads shop. His father’s business, a pawnshop in the Bronx was on 167th St. It was a small shop but business in the back room seemed to him pretty big. Tommy dropped out of high school at to work full time with some of the family members. Now at time the acting Boss was Thomas "Tommy Shots" Gioeli, but he got busted that June for for robbery, extortion, and a couple of murders, but whos counting. Before he left, Gioeli and his acting Consigliere Richard "Ritchie Nerves" Fusco, who happened to be Tommy’s dad best friend, approached Tommy with a business proposal. It was really the intent of Ritchie and Tommy’s father to get Tommy out of New York. Tommy tagged along with Eddie “The Fraggle” Thomasello all over the country. They called him The Fraggle that as a joke because he looked like one of the puppets on Fraggle Rock. Eddie understood the oil business and it was one of the only, almost legit businesses the family participated in. This is where Tommy earned his nickname “The Mouth”. Tommy always, I mean always ran his mouth, but in business he ran it right. A true negotiator, but he also understood people and how they think and he took advantage of it. Tommy and Eddie had established themselves as good earners for the family. When a couple of big scores from some Russian Mafia connections had paid off big, Tommy and Eddie where approached in 2011. The books where opened and Tommy was officially a Made Man of the Columbo Crime family on the forth of January 2011, the ceremony was overseen by the current acting Street Boss Andrew "Andy Mush" Russo. Now the Russians, worked with Tommy and his crew all over Russia for several years, and currently where exploiting the fact that Chernarus, was recovering from civil conflict. They had arranged to ferry 1.2 million gallons of gasoline Novigrad to Karichar in Takistan. From there it was to be transported via 38 unmarked railcars to the potential buyers. When the borders where closed and the Quarantine enforced the small tanker was at sea. Rough seas ran the tanker aground on a small island of the coast of Takistan. The island contained an old long abandon underground military silo. Tommy and the small crew listened intently to the outside world falling apart. They held out there for what seemed like forever, and had managed to scavenge various supplies from the vessel and some members of the crew attempted to reach the shore in one of the lifeboats. Some made it and some were fired upon by the Navy. Tommy and Eddie were alone, eventually they decided to head back to Novigrad. They made it to shore only to find destruction. The stench of the dead was overwhelming. Eddie succumbed to the virus very quickly once in Novigrad, and had to be dealt with by Tommy. That forever changed Tommy. Tommy moved from small town to village on the coast and set up small trading post here and there. He settled on a Town called Novi Sobor and founded his shop. Tommy’s Trading Emporium Now the names and dates do reflect real people and times in the Columbo family all the way down to the pawn shop on 167th...lol tried to make it realistic as possible.
  3. Great time, with a great group of people!!! One of the best times ive had yet... Slink......or "Tommy"
  4. Mad props on shooting discretion. I could have be dropped in the video. Was not about to get in a gun fight...I had no dog in the fight. Great experience last night.... Tommy.
  5. Slinkaaay

    To Cowboy's Cucks [Open Frequency]

    *Tommy's eyes begin to glaze over as the morphine kicks in, he holds the radio with his unbandaged arm and key the mic. (In a thick New York Italian Accent)* "Cowboy I appreciate you looking out for my business, but what the fuck happened?" "A bunch of people show up, you hole up in da fuckin police station, next thing I know you got this broad with ya. You know I ask what's goin on, she interrupts and she starts running her fuckin mouth so I gave her a little back hand, a little act right, forget about it. Now I thought she might know betta cause her face is already a bit of mess, but hey, hind sight and some shit" "Maybe I used a little bit too much....... feet per second when I checked her, I didn't mean for the broad to stumble backwards and hit the trigger, and in the fuckin process take a piece of my bicep with her. Fuck I think its still stuck to the ceiling upstairs" "Now I find out this is the The FUCKIN Hope Doctor, I expect a her to be caring a fuckin stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff or some shit, not a fuckin Rambo gun." Now I'm hearing this shit on the radio shes beat with a tire iron and drugged up, what's yous gotten me mixed up with. I'm trying to run a business over ear." How am I gonna trade medical supplies and shit with someone who very well thinks I was directly involved here." "Now no disrespect to the Rough Riders, but could you at least let these fuckas, ya know, I got no beef with them. I mean they burned down my fuckin shop for Christ sake!" *Tommy's released the mic, and checks his wounds. Keys the mic once more.* "Hey there Doctor machine gun Kelly, I'm sorry things got outta hand, if its not too much to ask maybe yous could take a look at this golf ball fuckin hole in my muscle." "Im starting to get a fever over here. No hard feelings right" *Tommy's released the mic and set the radio down and inadvertently keys it for a brief minute. Most of the muttering can not be made out except.* " .....(Inaudible)..............draggin me into this shit, I'm the one with the fuckin wits here and with this Victo....... *Static*
  6. Slinkaaay

    [Recruiting] Benni's Pizzeria [Active]

    Sounds Awesome! Seems like a lot of people are wondering how to make pizza in the apocalypse. First you need to make yeast which you could make from berries and flour and making a starter. Then you would combine yeast, water flour and salt. All able to be made. Pizza sauce from the tomatoes or the cans of ravioli. and Mozzarella takes about 45 mins to make from milk from cows and rennet which lines the stomach of some animals such as unweened calf's and sheep. Rennet is what curdles milk. I have made a full pizza from scratch from the dough to the cheese. I did buy the rennet in tablet form and did not make the yeast from scratch. You could make specialty pizzas as well such as one with fingers on it for the cannibals....LOL!!!!!! I applied let me know what you think. Slink
  7. *Looks at his wares and store front and smiles, Tommy keys the mic and speaks in a classic New York Italian accent* Well business has been good, If you get a minute and your traveling through Novy come visit Tommy's Trading Emporium. Its right next to the ruski police station. I got a little bit of everything. Fuckin bandanas, coats and apparel, some farming equipment, a couple of heaters, some high quality weapons of fuckin mass destruction. You name it I might have it. Everyone is welcome me costa sue costa or whatever...Also if yous have any request this is the place to tell me, I'm a man of resources. *unclicks the mic, and lights the torches around the shop.*
  8. *Fumbles with the radio turning knobs and smacking it around, Tommy presses the big button on the side, and begins talking with a thick New York Italian accent* Testing one, two, is this fuckin thing working.........hello? *turns knobs randomly* Felix if you can hear me chief I got to thinking about the sunglasses and I got an idea. Kinda like a regular fucking entrepreneur, I'm thinking lets set up a store where we can trade shit to people. I'm gonna scope out a place in Novy maybe on the north or east side of the town. If your interested ill see ya there...oh and um, Ronnie the bartender, if your hearing me bring some drinks...................ahh roger wilco or something to that effect, **chuckles to himself*** I sound like a fuckin regular trucker over here...... *He forgets to release the mic for a minute or so. barely audible he says * This thing is a joke, I have no idea how to call someone on this piece of sh....
  9. Shout out to Felix the Glasses broker. Epic role play list night. And to Mario and his partner. Was my first hold up. Great roleplay, I would not have taken your guns like my friends in crime, but well played. Intense rush trying to hide from your pursuit. I'm sure if I run into you again Ill be paid back. I'm sure the accent and character wont be hard for you to recognize. Slink (Tommy Scarpeli)
  10. Slinkaaay

    DayZRP 2016 rules draft

    Granted compared to most of you I am a noob still to DayZRP. However, I would like some clarification in the rules as to what constitutes a group. It is referenced under section 4 and section 6. I will give you an example, a couple of days ago I met two strangers, and did some bartering and small talk. I walked behind a building to a well and while I was there They where initiated on by bandits. I spoke up from a position of cover and I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt to comply with my commands and initiate properly before I shot. (keep in mind my first initiation since playing the game last year) This took my advantage being in cover against the two armed men. Needless to say I was killed, and it was a great experience to learn from. My question is this, at what point would I be considered part of their group. Maybe my actions for helping them would be influenced because a child was involved or in this case an unarmed female who showed me kindness. I would have not just fired on the hostiles, I don't lean toward the style of play, I would have waited a lot less before firing however. So again at which point are we considered "a group" Thanks .....
  11. Alright I have had some time to develop this. What do you think now. Warren Michael enlisted in the CIA directly out of college and attended training at Camp Peary Virginia, also know as "The Farm". After training he was assigned to the national clandestine operations division. After 9-11 he was sent in with over 100 officers of the CIA to overthrow the Taliban and eliminate Al Qaeda operatives. Upon his return he was assigned to assist with training ops for new recruits, as well as various overseas protection details for high level government officials. When reports of the virus started to be intercepted, the U.S. government implemented a program based partially on the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza published in 2005. It has been modified over the years but the major goals of the Federal Government response to a pandemic remained the same: (1) stop, slow, or otherwise limit the spread of a pandemic to the United States; (2) limit the domestic spread of a pandemic, and mitigate disease, suffering and death; and (3) sustain infrastructure and mitigate impact to the economy and the functioning of society. What was not in the brief was Operation PRIMUS LOCUS. In Latin it means First Place. It was called Primus for short. Its goal and mission was simple and to the point. Get in and retrieve samples, fast track a vaccine first to administer to the upper echelon of the US government to insure the continuity of the Federal Government. Warren Michael was assigned to the protection detail of Dr. Lance Marshall. Dr. Marshall is a leading virologist who was the Vice chairman of The International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses. Dr. Marshall was sent in under the guise of the WHO (World Heath Organization) and a senior advisor for the CDC (Center for Disease Control). Dr. Marshall and Warren Michael arrived in Chenarus on October 10th 2014, the day before Order 62 was implemented. They were almost overrun in Zelenogorsk trying to track down patient zero. They failed, withdrew to Vybor and requested assistance from the influx of support of the WHO which was requested from the Prime Minister. They retreated when the virus hit Vybor and set up a makeshift lab in a farm house on the outskirts of Lopantino. In an old antiquated fallout shelter Dr. Marshall had believed he was close to developing a working vaccine. Dr. Marshall did not have the equipment needed to synthesize a prototype cure. Some of his research in those first couple of weeks was based on trying to isolate proteins in the blood of Warren Michael who was bitten in Zelenogorsk and did not develop any symptoms. Warren and Lance left the confines of the shelter to find utter chaos, upon seeing the destruction and hordes of the infected they stashed Dr. Marshalls research and set out to find other doctors that might assist in the area. Unfortunately Dr. Marshall stepped on a land mine on the outskirts of the north west airfield and was killed instantly. The task is now on the shoulders of Warren Michael to retrieve the research and get it to the right people.
  12. /Moved to general discussion. I'd say this section is sorta power gaming out original lore. Please explain, I obviously don't have the cure. I could and most likely have useless samples. The roleplay will be more compelling if Warren believes he does possibly have the cure. I am just the body guard I wouldn't understand the science.
  13. I have been playing DayZRP the last couple of weeks after a year hiatus. I have been playing the same character because I never really died do to anything besides a server issue or accidental KOS. Well I was accidently poisoned by petrol when I was either carrying it and clicking while I was open a door or a canteen I found and didn't empty. I fought the sickness and lost. There was some epic RP involved with a friend I was rolling with as well as the stranger that brought me back from unconsciousness, but I succumbed the next day alone in the streets. I would like to start fresh and I have a character story I would like to run by the community. Warren Michael was assigned by the CIA to protect Dr. Lance Marshall, an American virologist. Dr. Marshalls mission, under the guise of the CDC and WHO was to get samples of the live virus and fast track a cure in secret for the top officials of the U.S. Government. Dr. Marshall did obtain samples from patient zero and may have developed a vaccine. Dr. Marshall was killed during in the process of trying to get the information out of Chenarus. Now the information is hidden in the hands of Warren Michael. He has been trying to establish communication with the US to electronically to send back. He has come to the realization that if he cannot do this he must find an available scientist to possibly look at the data and see if its legit. What do you think? I would like some feed back, what is especially difficult for my coming up with a story is the two years that have elapsed since then. Thanks ******(Revised Full Version Below***** Slink
  14. I was hopping it was. If you would have went to TS I would have not filed this...Shit happens, also thought we had some good RP going. I was gonna permadeath if it wasn't an accident. I'm fine with this report being solved if its ok with Admin. Slink....
  15. Server and location: Server 1 Airfiled up north Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): exact server time 0205 Your in game name: Warren Thomas Names of allies involved: NA Name of suspect/s: Itslit Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): NA Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I spawned in and heard someone running around..I approached and started some dialogue, kinda good RP actually. I sat down and begin some more dialogue. The individual i was talking with sat down. Suddenly starting blowing me away with an automatic weapon. Scared me half to death. I have played on here without incident and this was the first time something like this has happened. i went to TS and contacted admin because I did not know the name of the assailant. I thought it could be an accident. you help would be appreciated. Slink