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    TOTALLY! Thank you guys for all you do!
  2. Same thing happened to me when I updated OBS. This doesn't actually have anything to do with the 'Anti-cheat' setting for the scene. I have figured out that if you remove(right click and 'remove') the scene for your game capture, then fire up DayZ, THEN add the game capture scene back and alt tab back to the game it should be good. Something to do with updating the software that did this.. Anyway, that should work for you.
  3. I had a good run-in with Dr. George today. He was stranded when his vehicle made contact with the guardrail on a sharp turn. I was over near the garage and construction site up near Vavilovo. After hearing all the commotion I went over to investigate and see if I could provide any assistance. Upon further investigation he had high-centered the vehicle on a rock. There was just no saving it without a tractor or wench of some sorts. He told me about some people he was headed to meet up with down south and that I was welcome to tag along. Along our way we crossed paths with a pretty nice man named Frank who was tanning some leather. Frank seemed like a nice guy. We made it to Pustoshka unscathed, at which time he received word via radio transmission of a man who was suffering of a broken leg. We hastily said our goodbyes and parted ways.. If anyone should meet up with this Dr. I recommend heeding his advice. A true survivor with a real knowledge of the landscape.
  4. Oh man! PPSH would be excellent, totally agree. I'm thinking Sturmgewehr 44. I want to see more vintage stuff popping up.
  5. New to the DayZ RP servers, I'm extremely excited to be given the opportunity to join your community! I have completely fallen in love with this game and I seriously can't wait to meet everyone involved!!! Thank you guys so much for having me!
  6. MP5K - rare, very sleek and easily concealed, 9mm rounds are relatively common, slings lead pretty quickly! Love the first person feel of it too.