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  1. after listening in to the broadcasts i picked up my radio "my name is Erik i used to be a doctor in the N.L.R. we were attacked and most if not all of my friends and colleage's were killed. i have extensive medical knowledge as well as a good supply of medicine and am not that far from gorka wich seems to be where you are asking to meet everyone who has made contact." as i ended my broadcast i looked back to the graves i dug and said to myself "and now we wait" [OOC: i havent had a reply to my whitelist application yet so pending that i would like to join you]
  2. hi my name is Erik i was a doctor in the N.L.R before they attacked and killed most of us those that survived were either severely injured or going to hunt after those responsible. after i took "care" of my injured friends i went to find a new supply of morphine and hopefully a new group that i could join