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  1. A lot of my friends are streamers so this was all they played for a while. Decided I should go get whitelisted.
  2. I'd probably survive less than a week and die of something dumb like dysentery.
  3. About 540 hours and bought the game in July of last year but didn't start playing until September
  4. Steam ID: 76561198057060249 Battleeye GUID: 2cce312c98ece29ac8a62084fc235b4b Whitelist Passphrase: I know it, but I won't post here. I can PM it if you would like. Age: 18 What is NLR and how does it work on DayZRP?: The new life rule is basically once your character dies you forget everything that happened before your death. Which means you can not return to your body for any reason, especially to get your gear back, and you can not go withing a 1 km radius of where you died for at least ninety minutes. You can however remember you friends, groups, and others that you meet before your death. The new life rule is continuous even if the server restarts. Some of the things you can't do would be trying to right your death and take revenge by killing whoever killed you. You also can't tell others that so and so killed you because you don't remember what happened before you death. What is KoS and how does KoS rule work on DayZRP?: KoS stands for kill on sight and it is absolutely not allowed without reasonable justification. You must always make contact first before becoming hostile towards a player. Your intention must be clear and obvious only than can you hurt someone for not complying. You have a two hour time period to take revenge on someone that has done some type of hostile action towards you. Killing should be a last measure though. It should be avoided if at all possible. Otherwise it is your duty to keep you prisoner alive and well. You need to feed and protect them while under your "care." If they don't comply with orders or pose a threat to you then you have a justifiable kill. You should always be sure of who you are engaging with before you act on it. When it comes to a vehicles you must use voice and text to show your demands. You can share KoS right only if you meet two conditions. Those conditions are you have to be within 500 meters of the situation with it happens and you must be recently involved with the group that was attacked. Example: You try to hold a guy up on the airfield. He decides not comply with your demands after you make your intentions clear. Then you have the right to kill or execute him. (KoS Sharing Example) You are in Cherno looting with a group of players and you run a couple houses down the road. The group you were just with gets held up and some are killed/injured. You have the right to go back down the road and kill the people attacking your group. Character Forename: Servo Character Surname: Boroski Your characters background: Servo Boroski was just a simple man. He is the oldest of four and born to Eliasz and Klara Boroski. A foreigner just trying to make it in the world of Chernarus. He descends from the great country of Poland and his family has owned the same farmhouse for generations until hard times hit when his father died four years ago, on the job, in a grain mill accident. So at the age of eighteen Servo had to man up and start working various jobs trying to help support his mother and three younger siblings. Alas he couldn't find enough work in his hometown of Radomsko, so he had to move to find work. He traveled far and wide all over the continent of Europe searching for work until he landed in Chernarus. He found work there as a construction worker. While it didn't pay all that well, it was something to send back home to his family and that's what mattered. After Servo started getting settled in his new life, he received some horrible news from back home. His youngest brother, Danek, had died while on a fishing trip. This started to harden Servo even more that he already was from his father's death. His life was being turn upside down all over again. Servo knew he had to go home to see his brother one last time before he was put in the ground. He was on his way home when the zombie outbreak started. About yourself, why do you want to join DayZRP?: I'm a eighteen year old college freshman. I've just gotten into role playing over the last year or so with games like Arma 3, DayZ, and a little bit of Garry's Mod. I've been gaming all of my life and kinda role playing in my everyday life. I tend to act like someone else just to get a jolt out of people. When it comes to games though it's a bit different. While I do it all for the fun I get a bit more serious because none of the people on here know me in real life. The few RP communities I've been really serious about have been Arma 3 Life and Friendly Flashmob's RP server on DayZ. Other than that though I'm just here to have a good time after hearing about all the fun my friends have been having on the DayZRP servers.
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Your application has been rejected because of the following reason: "You have failed to or incorrectly explained the KoS rule about group KoS rights sharing. You have failed to or incorrectly explained the KoS rule about complying hostages. " Your application has been rejected three times! You are not able to send any more applications! Why the verdict is not fair: I guess you could say the fault is my own, but I feel like being denied this time was unfair. I don't understand how I got a new reason on my last application when my other two had the same explanation about complying hostages. I know that different admins may comprehend my way of explaining the rule differently. I was just a little upset when I saw a new reason when I never altered it in the first place. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: There's not much else to say on my point of view except that I may have screwed up by not sending my application to other people. I didn't know people would be interested in reading my application for any other reason then whitelisting. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I'd like to have another go at applying and correct the errors I made. I really just want to play on the DayZRP server with my friends that are already on and join them in their adventures. What could you have done better?: I could have put more effort obviously, asked for helped on my application, and put some more time/thought into creating my app. I feel like I rushed my second try at whitelisting and I should have sat on my ideas for a day or two before I submitted my app.
  6. Just finished this book. It was great! Now I gotta go read the first.
  7. Can't stand being at Vybor. I'm always on edge there