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  1. My character Zebb is an American Cruise ship employee for Carnival Cruise line (dock hand). During the time of the outbreak, he was at sea on a 7 night cruise, from Italy, suppose to head towards Japan. The Captain suddenly became very ill (we all suspected food poisoning), but we all soon found that not to be the case. The infection spread like wild fire. It soon became every man, woman, and... unfortunately child, for themselves. During the mass chaos, Zebb came face to face with a startling reality... its time to abandon ship! While lowing one of the smaller life boats, he realized "supplies!". After raiding the galley, Zebb came a crossed a small 8 year old girl, huddling under a table, clutching a teddy bear, and crying for her mother. At first, Zebb almost kept heading for the boat, which he was hoping was still prepped and ready for launch... but something told him to go back... maybe fate... maybe conscious... didn't matter. There was no way he was gonna leave this scared helpless little one here in this hell. After sweeping up the child, surprisingly, with little resistance. Zebb headed, post haste, towards his (cross fingers) only means of escape. Boat was still there, and ready. After getting it into the water, and finally away from that carnage, he calmed down this new little friend he had made. The introductions were short and brief, Zebb.. Talulla... Talulla... Zebb. Then uneasy silence for what seemed like hours. Talulla broke the tension finally, by thanking him for saving her, and then began to tell Zebb about what horrific things she saw happen to her parents and everyone else. All Zebb could do was comfort her. Minutes turned into hours, and hours into days. Plenty of timed pasted, enough for each of them to smile, cry, and become more fond of each other (like a daughter to a father, and vice-verse). Then it happened... a storm, a heart pounding, huddle together, fear for your life kind of storm. Then blank, nothing, then sun, and the sound of seagulls. Sand beneath Zebb's body. Stammering to his feet, dazed, hungry, parched, and sore, Zebb searched this new shore line for his only friend. Down the beach about half a mile, was the battered life raft. No Talulla.. So with a heavy heart, and tears welling up behind his dry eyes, Zebb headed inland. After coming about another 1/4 mile in, Zebb came a cross his supply bag.. with a now dry familiar teddy bear and some empty candy bar wrappers. "Oh my god!" he thought, "She is alive!". After grabbing what he could, quickly from the happy scene, he began to shout her name. That is when he heard it, that sound, that damn sound. Zombie aggro... "Shit!" he thought, "There here too..." (That's where Zebb's Survival and quest to find Talulla begins).
  2. Slaxx

    Not really farewell...

    Gonna miss ya bee! Get it all straightened out and come back soon! #headbutt_brothers_4life!
  3. Slaxx

    Tanoan Crisis concept

  4. Well I came back to DayZRP yesterday after a 4 month hiatus. Met up with an old friend, sat on the side lines of a large meeting between groups. IC knew nothing about any of them. Suddenly found myself crapping my pants because of a well organized attack. Taken hostage, forced to watch a so called witch burned at the stake. Only to be let go with traumatic images imprinted into my psyche. Loved every minute of it! Big shout out to all that helped me enjoy a fantastic return! PS. To the pretty lady that patched me up during the attack at the summer camp... Only to be gunned down after. I hope God sees you to better days Hun. Thank you for helping an old man in a time of crisis.
  5. This little light of mine... I'm gonna let it shine... This little light oh mine... Gotta let it shine... Let it shine, let it shine, let it shiinnee. http://amyoscar.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/burning-candle-candles-objects-fire_350492.jpg[/img]
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    Meta-Gaming/OOC banter

    Pov: As we stroll into town we hear chatter coming from one of the buildings in town. We fan out and hide, continuing to listen and waiting for a good time to initiate. After the initiation there is a little confusion about if there is a sniper outside so Jethro, myself (Bubba) and Mommas Boy go inside the building for better cover. After some back and forth, the hostage takers surrender. Jethro and I then preceded to go up stairs, which after a brief exchange of talking, on my end, I hear gun fire which sounds close to me but for some reason my character gets stuck to the stairs and can not move, which leads to my death. After which, I find out through TS that Lue also had been killed. After my death, I took my headphones off and proceeded to stretch my legs and stand up. I then went downstairs have a drink and when I came back upstairs put my headphones back on, seeing Lue had dropped down a channel I joined him. He was talking about the current events and I chimed in by saying what we should have done better. After which I preceded to log off for the night because it was almost 2am for me.
  7. Not sure what this is...got invited to it. Question, how did u get in cherno? Meh, doesnt matter im game!
  8. I can not wait for you to read me them Fairy Tales. #pinkyswear
  9. Slaxx

    [ACTIVE] The Starved (Recruitment:Open)

    Oh mannnn! I can not WAIT to learn how to read! Oh damn!
  10. Slaxx

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    I like this idea. Oh the RP thoughts running thru my brain right now ....mmhmmmm
  11. Yes please. If its not to much trouble. Thank you.
  12. I was reading somewhere about "getting sponsored" by a Canadian citizen helps a lot? What I read was kinda vague, so not quite sure how it is suppose to help, even if it really does.
  13. Hello all, Recently, an opportunity has fallen into my lap that will allow me and my family to live a little more comfortably, money wise. The only thing that stands in the way of that is where I currently live. See here is the thing. The company I work for has purchased 14 premade buildings within Canada. Because of this, they need experienced employees to help train and open/run these new properties. Unfortunately, the company I work for does not have an “Out of Country” transfer program. I have however, spoken with the Canadian Human Resources Branch Manager, and she stated that since I have been with the company for over 10 years, and have more than enough experience to easily apply for Assistant Store Manager, I cannot just write this opportunity off. I guess what I am asking is, has anyone recently in the DayZRP community moved from USA to Canada, or if anyone knows any info that could make my move easier. I already have all the websites and paperwork I need to fill out, and all the contact info the Canadian Government has provided me. Really was looking for someone with firsthand knowledge with this sort of thing. Thanks again all, Slaxx
  14. Slaxx

    Acknowledging background noise...

    I understand how this can get under ones skin. I have a 3 year old who "sometimes" loves to sneak up next to me and "blah blah blah" talk right as I'm about to speak in game. Once, back in the mod days when she was 2, that accured, and someone was all like "Why you speaking in baby talk?". I ignored him completely and went about my RP. Now, that being said, just recently while talking to someone their dog barked in the background. I let him finish his Speaking, and while I began to answer him, I RPed out in game "Hey did you here that? Sounds like a dog. Here puppy... *whistling*". Now normally I do not acknowledge such sounds, but since we were just killing time, so to speak, I felt it appropriate to do so. It actually played out nicely, and both myself and other party had a good old time searching briefly for this so called dog. Mainly what I am trying to say, is common sense is needed with these situations.
  15. Slaxx


    Glad to see you back man! #SweetL!fe
  16. I agree with this suggestion to have non-Americans join/apart of our group members. We have discussed Ingame and Outgame recruitment along those lines. Like Lue has stated before, this is a heavy WIP but we will not go quietly into that good night with it. Thank you K-Jack for your comment. It is a fanastic idea! Ride on bro, ride on!
  17. Slaxx

    DayZ RP Content Creators

  18. Hardly Bros searching for their bikes, new friends, and well...trouble EP1!! Click here to watch from Twitch Page
  19. Thank ya kindly bro! Hope we left an impact on ya boy. Remember B.J. Is spelled "B.....T". I lost my shit when you spelled it BT. I was Dusty by the way, the one who was robbed. Hope to see you guys in the future What you saying boy? I know how to spell my name.... Besides Boss and Big C.A. would've told me if I was wrong. Meh, I won't hold it against ya son. You just got ova a, umm.. what's that word... Oh ya, tantric experience when you were robbed and what not. Big B... And big old T, Bubba Jones, first letter in each name. Don't forget now boy, see ya soon! PS: Glad we gave you a chuckle, hope to be able to do it again soon.
  20. Slaxx

    What does your RP character look like?

  21. Thank ya kindly bro! Hope we left an impact on ya boy. Remember B.J. Is spelled "B.....T".
  22. Slaxx

    See Own Warning History

    Yes +1
  23. Had some great RP with you guys last night. Reiner was sonical to a Tee, loved it. Keep being you. The one on one RP I had with Geoffrey Rivers was not only entertaining but makes me also very interested in your group. Might be something I am thinking about being apart of.
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