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  1. Fuck this. I don't care if anybody hears me. Anyone who isn't a sicko. Any thinking talking human beings. I'll give it five or six seconds, for each frequency. Just like that hard core VHF crew did. None of that 10-4 bullshit. Maybe I'll hear from some soldiers, left over. Every frequency. Fuck, anyone who can think and talk. I just..... fuck, like, anything. How the fish are biting... How the yankees did...what four years ago? Just a person. There's nobody. This Berezeno place is lost. I guess I'll just go down the coast. I hope I can keep this thing powered.
  2. Gone again. Not a soul. Green mountain, now the airport. It took so long to get here. They probably moved on somewhere safer. Maybe they're out gathering. Maybe they're there on the days that I can't crawl out from under, whichever bush covers me when I sleep. I guess I'd better get another battery.
  3. H.Track

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    Is server 3 first person enforced? Could become home server for me if so. How do we tell which RP threads relate to which server?
  4. Damnit it's cold out here. I'm starting to think I might never see another person who isn't a sicko. How did EVERYBODY get it? I wish I could just get a fire going. Seems like the good brings the bad. Start a fire, lose your matches to whoever sees it. If it stays clear I won't need the flashlight for the next couple of nights. Maybe this will fit in the radio, or I can use some wire or... **previous trasmissions** The maps from the truck. The biggest radio tower is... There are only a couple of towns to the North East of there. *Tests the battery to his tongue.* "C'mon. Where? There's not much left in this". Great. Now I'm talking to myself. I'll get out of here Jenny. Someone will have something that still works. I've got Tom's stick. I won't miss another one.
  5. Ooops. I wouldn't be a new member if I didn't break a crystal clear rule right off the bat, now would I?
  6. I'm new here, so I know that my input doesn't hold a lot of sway. I read through the thread and I skimmed some parts. What concerned me was: -talk of "military" groups or clans existing just to firefight with other "military" clans Sounds like a missed opportunity for deeper role play. What is the military clan's objective? Would they have a directive to save civilians and grow their numbers? If they're not formed to save civillians, or protect a settlement, or hire out as mercenaries, what is their purpose? If they don't have an altruistic objective, are they just a gang? It seems like it would be prudent to write the group's story such that it accounts for that. As for walking into a firefight? Sounds like fair game to me. You're going to get shot. Too bad you couldn't throw smoke grenades, or chemlights to declare a fire fight zone. Green as declaration of intent Yellow as warning for non-participants to clear out Red for active fight All with reasonable time in between. Of course that takes the tension of a surprise fight out of it.
  7. As a new player, I'm coming from the unwashed masses on public servers. There, I find the bows are largely ineffective in PvP. Maybe I'll find a use for them here. Hunting with a little less fear may be fun.
  8. Ah, thank you. Good little set of rules. I will go find a way to make community contribution for my culling post. If it ever comes under debate, I'd support "no leaving threads" as a rule.
  9. Howdy. Old guy. Used to love to play in Neverwinter Nights campaigns. I'm confident that I can handle the RP rules. It will be weird RPing via voice, but should be easier since it's not a fantasy setting. Look forward to trying it out.