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  1. Okay thanks for the reply. I will make sure to read these guides for future roleplay. Just to be clear, I was unaware of these guides as they are not linked from the rules section. When we robbed our victims we acted on just the written rules in the roleplay section. Still all I needed was to learn about the extended rules involved with hostile rp, which are are explained in another place than the general rules. The report itself had the required effect and the ban is just unnecessary.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-RP1-badRP-gear-RP-vybor-military-compound-2-26-2016-21-00 Why the verdict is not fair: I think the verdict is unfair because of a number of points.(for a more detailed explaination check the additional statement section) First of all, the RP rule section in my opinion does not explain hostile RP to the same detail as the rules by which we were convicted in the verdict. Second of all, me and my friend are still beginners and learning RP. As this was our first hostile encounter and we have already admitted that it didn't provide a fully satisfactory RP experience for the victims, I feel like the ban was unnescessary. In the report we stated we understood the victims dissatisfaction with our robbery and have decided we will add more depth to our roleplay. We have already adjusted our playstyle and the ban will not contribute to this. For us, the requirements for a hostile RP were not clear and the report has thaught us what kind of RP is expected from us. And Lastly, The other victim, Rhys Chambers, stated in the report that the RP wasn't so bad that he felt a ban was justified. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: When I joined Dayz Rp I thought I would be joining a mature and fun community. I didn’t get to play much at the time, but recently started playing again. I redid the whitelist application and was readmitted into dayz rp. When I saw the verdict I was shocked. Is this how you treat and teach new players, by banning them? This Is not at all how I envisioned the Dayz Rp community to be. When me and my friend were robbing Rhys and Kristof,it was our very first hostile initiation. As beginners we were by no means good at Rp and still learning. The short and shallow Rp was a result of this inexperience, and the fact that our hostages had lit a flare for the world to see causing us to want to get out as soon as possible. We didn’t just outright ignore the hostages but told them to be silent, in fear of getting detected by others. We were robbing them because our characters were short on ammo which we needed to search the cities of chernarus for our client. That is why we only seemed interested in ammo and weapons. I believe that if you want to prevent these types of situations from happening again you have to explain this more in depth in the community rules. Under the Rp section the hostile rp is not explained well enough for new players to give a satisfactory hostile rp experience on their first try. On top of that the Rp section literally states “Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in”. This explains why our characters wanted to get out of the situation as soon as possible and we did. In the verdict the admin suggested we could have taken them with us but again, given the flare and the resulting threat from that for us that wasn’t really an option. I think the verdict is not only unfair but also unnecessary. As Rhys said “Whilst I thought the RP wasn't great it wasn't the worst and not something I think anyone should be banned over”. Me and my friend both agree with this statement and have admitted our role play could have been better. We have both made an effort to give more depth to our characters to provide a more enjoyable experience for both parties in the future. For us the rules had to be clarified, banning and awarding banstrikes does not contribute to this at all. After sharing our POV, Rhys accepted our explanation but Kristof decided to keep the report open (as was his right). I would like to thank Rhys for accepting our apology, and believing us when we stated we had learnt our lesson. As for Kristof we are truly sorry for robbing you in the way we did. I hope you can reconsider your verdict, and expand the rules section to prevent this from happening again. Thorax What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To have my ban lifted and banstrike removed What could you have done better?: Me and my friend could have provided a more enjoyable RP experience for the victims. We should have provided more depth to the dialogue. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (The text editor is acting strage with fonts and fontsizes)
  3. Thorax

    RP1 badRP/ gear>RP vybor military compound-2/26/2016 21:00

    No I do not have any video evidence. Neither does my friend.
  4. Thorax

    RP1 badRP/ gear>RP vybor military compound-2/26/2016 21:00

    Vasily Gorski here to provide my full POV. We first saw you guys when you were running through a field south of Vybor with a flare lit. We contemplated if we should follow you, and eventually decided to follow you. We followed you guys from a distance. And when you entered the base we decided to rob you because we had little to no ammo to defend ourselves. We waited until you entered the new barracks and moved in and shut the doors. We Initiated and got you guys to drop your weapons and stand up to the wall. We tied you up with some rope and quicly gathered some ammo. I also agree the roleplay that happened could have been better, which I regretted afterwards. But we were very worried about more people coming who had seen the flare, and wanted to get out quickly as to not get caught robbing you. I switched out my winchester because I only had a few rounds left and needed something more adequate to defend myself with, 5 rounds in a winchester just isn't enough. We have both decided to add more depth and RP value to our characters to provide a better experience for other players we encounter.
  5. Given my sliding state I could not have complied to Zachariahs demand. Of which he was aware before initiating. This combined with how he and his friends treated my friend leads me to believe they were out to kill and he took his chance when he was informed I was sliding, instead of postponing the initiation.
  6. It seems to me like you were seeking revenge and with intent to kill which influenced your actions towards me and my friend by assuming we were hostile, despite having absolutely no evidence linking us to the death of your friends and us being friendly towards every single person present during the entire situation. This lead to you deciding to just rush and kill me instead of waiting for a response while staying in cover while you were unsure what I was doing because friend had notified you in advance of my sliding state. After killing me you and your friends proceeded to interrogate my friend and tried to break his legs. And as a final act of revenge you destroyed all the tires of the bus. When you overhead us talking about 'friends' we were probably trying to find out who the dead people were and how they were connected to the people already present.
  7. No I do not have any video evidence Also, I have never heard about this 'sliding'. Is sliding when you look around without actually walking? Is someone able to confirm that sliding does not show the raising of a weapon? I never raised my weapon, but as I understand from Zachariahs POV it might have looked that way. Is this sliding valid reason to kill someone?
  8. Server Name and Location: DayzRP EU1: KoS in Cherno Approximate time and date of the incident: 21/2/2016 ~21:45 My ingame name: Vasili Gorski Name of allies involved: Yuri Petrovski Suspect name: Zacharia Jones. Friendly vehicle: Bus Detailed description; Me and a friend came from Pulkovo with bus tyres we found because I had seen a bus in northern cherno, and we thought lets fix it up. When we arrived at the bus there were three bodies, and two people freaking out. We tried to asses the situation and concluded the two people were not hostile and the killers had left. We tried to see if wee could help the victims but they were dead. So we proceeded to fix the bus. The two friendly people left and a third one appeared; Zacharia Jones. He seemed friendly at first and we werent paying that much attention to him, because he seemed cool. My friend was changing the tyres on the bus and I was looking around when in I saw "drop your weapons or die" in chat. I saw movement in the right corner of my screen and looked in that direction and saw the once friendly guy running towards me with his gun down. He then shot me point blank. I feel like this was unfair because I had my weapon down and was shot me almost immeadiatly after I read the text. I had no chance to drop my weapon in the litte time between the moment I noticed the text and him charging up on me and killing me. I also find it strange that he would use text chat instead of voice which he used throughout our first encounter. I feel like he intentionally used text instead of voice chat to hide his identity and location. For me there was no link between the text and his character because I didnt ask him his name when we first met. So i didn't see any danger in looking at him. I had absolutely no idea he was the one threatning us. If he had used voice I wouldn't have turned towards him because it would have been clear who he was and what he wanted. After he shot me he took my friend hostage and accused him of having killed the three guys that we found when we arrived at the bus. I think he was trying to take revenge for his friends and thought he was justified in shooting me. He had no evidence linking us to the death of his friends, he just assumed it was us because we were in the area. Then some friends of him arrived and they questioned my friend. They eventually decided to break his legs and destroy the bus, leaving my friend behind handcuffed. (They failed to break his legs but chipped them.) I dont know if there even are any server logs, but if there are an admin would be able to verify that me and my friend (Yuri Petrovski) were innocent and Zacharia killed me. We looked for those tyres the entire night and lost all of our loot which we gathered over a few days. Maybe Im just frustraded but I think he illegaly killed me. Thanks, Thorax (Vasily Gorski)
  9. I love the mosin but it's definatly not ideal for use in cities. I do like the power, one shot does the job. Otherwise I just like the 1911 for its looks