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  1. Oliver13564

    Extending/changing shared KOS distance slightly

    I think that the distance should be increased to 600 metres as the mosin can shoot that accurately. Little danger of not being able to confirm target. I also think the "line of sight clause" that Thumper mentioned should be implemented into rules. It is not hard to take a screenshot to prove you had a line of sight on the action and can clearly see your friend getting robbed. Any computer can screenshot, just press F12. I cannot see many problems with this. Overwatch is a role to play if you are with people in a zombie apocalypse and it is unrealistic to suggest people cannot spot others if they are further than 500 metres out if they have a scope.
  2. Oliver13564

    [S3] Immature RP - Green Mountain

    Thomas Mueller is the name of a German Footballer. Surely that a rule break also as you are not allowed to use famous names?
  3. I apologise. I was wrong in this video. I consulted the rules but did not play the situation out properly. I will take a short break from DayzRP and properly consult the rules to make sure this never happens again. I now see what was wrong with my actions and I will not do it again. I simply did not realize TS should be muted during robbery. They did not tell me to "put away my radio" but I did not realize I was doing the wrong thing. Just to mention your last post about my friend. He was on Veresnik hill when he said that about the longhorn. I believe this is within 500 metres of the area, he moved there after I got robbed anyway so I do not see how that applies. As for the hostage, it is not clear on the video. But we gave them 5 mins to not come out with the hostage. We originally said one. We had to consider our characters life and knew entering the building would result in almost certain death. Again many apologies and I will correct myself for the future. Thanks for letting me know my flaws so early!!! Good night
  4. But at the end of the video your friend asks where he was? i thought he knew? Look mate. My friend knew I was in the compound. He was watching from the hill. It was a casual conversation after death. He did not engage any other players. I do not even think what I said gave him any kind of tactical advantage he did not already have.
  5. My friend already knew where I was. He was on Veresnik hill at the time. I was not giving him an advantage that he did not have. I was just stating what happened really. No metagaming intended.
  6. my mate was just outside the compound in a bush. I was talking to him. He then told me other friend to come over when we realised there was a lot of people. My other friend was within 500metres when i started getting robbed. In future i will mute ts when getting robbed as i can see it ruins the rp in the video. I just wanted my friend to try and help me.
  7. how many times did it take you guys to get in? i have just submitted my first application.
  8. Wow, what a welcome. I will read all the application stuff and write my application now. I have never been in a community like this.
  9. I have just registered on the website to join your seemingly amazing servers. I have been looking to play this kind of Dayz for a while and my friends told me about you guys I will submit my application soon.