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  1. God people wake up I have my own real life and don't have time for this I all ever wanted is just have some fun with other people, but still it's just a game... And I didn't make this post to beg for another chance.. I don't care all I can say now is it is all over rated bye-bye.
  2. Not at all my friend when I failed application for the first time they send me exactly what I did wrong and was like uhm ok so It's little bit over rated but ok I will do that and went to the rule page read all the rules many times again and completed my application exactly how they wanted it...
  3. Guys may I ask you question ? You really do not let me play on this server ? I did send you application 3 times and you still find some problem and finally you just say "You already send application 3 times you don't have any more chance to get on this server" :DD What the fucks is this ? Don't you think your requirements are lilbit over rated ? I understand that you made people write 1000 letters long stories 500 letters rules I understand that you want to really see that writting these things wants to play on your server, but when someone already gave his time to this to make his background and stuff you just say nahh... fuck him.... wake up guys i was thinking that you are community of good people of dayz, but this is bullshit. When I saw requirements for the 1st time I said to myself nahh... too this is bullshit I'am not doing this.. ,but the "I really want to play on this server" in my mind forced me to think about my story background and to actually write everything you wanted and this is what I got for it ) sweet