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  1. My character is name Darius, he is emigrant from Europe. Before the outbrake he was a simple tractor driver for one farmer. He didn't had much, only small wooden house with one shed. He had no family abandoned him. He never had friends because he was poor. He was lonely silent man who didn't expect much from life. He liked nature, love outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, camping, riding in the woods with his atv. The outbrake changed him and his life forever. He started traveling around to find better place to live, because his home was destroyed, he lost one and only job he got, he lost one and only safe place in world called HOME. He traveled through bunch of different places, abandoned towns and cities. He decided to go to east. Even tho he didn't know foreign languages it was one and only plan for him. After traveling for year he found place called Chernarus. In Chernarus there was less number of zombies wandering around, beautiful landscape full of wildlife and forests, He started to like here. But there was one problem - people. On his way he had lost trust in humans. Everyone that he met, was trying to use him for their advantage or tried to kill him. He learned to fight for his life and not let people to insult him in any way. He is a lonely surviver who is looking for silent place to settle in and live there for rest of his life.
  2. I know my self that it is poor RP. I am new here and my english ir awful, basically I joined this community just to get better at communicating with people and learn better english (thats why I don't talk very much)... So as I understood I will get banned from this community for not obeying the rules?
  3. So in coclusion I understood that there is no chance that you can ever hurt a little bit any people in this community. Because what I can see, I just wanted to do some experiment and it turned in to a huge problem....
  4. And how would you describe the following? I shoot at a wall next to a guy. Hoping he'll shoot back at me. So that I can then shoot and kill him. I wasn't hoping that someone will shoot at me, I was just trying to listen how people react (comment) to this act. And how would you describe the following? I shoot at a wall next to a guy. Hoping he'll shoot back at me. So that I can then shoot and kill him. I think that would be described as baiting, and I think the defender gets kos rights on you- so he would have to return fire for you to be able to kill him. I wasn't ever trying to get in to a firefight, I said that I was just trying to list hoe people react to this kind of action.
  5. Yes I remember that of course, I said that because am not afraid to fight for survival...
  6. I would like to play again on your servers, i admit shot him, but is just to scare him, if i made something from i am sorry i am new to this community so i don't know everything about it.
  7. I admit that i was shooting at people, but i didn't want to hurt anyone like i said in video i was just trying to scare people from green mountain, just to see how people react when they are shooted at... Im sorry if i made something wrong but i didn't find rule that states that i can't scare people...
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