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  1. It would be a really cool idea but then you could kind of take advantage of it if it's allowed on people too, Like if you just run behind a player with a gun, and you manage to get behind him at some point, it's a bit of an unfair mechanic. But on zombies, it would be pretty awesome. If they worked it right, it would be on players too for histage type situations.
  2. I like the AKM because of it's power, but I must say, I love the M4 over it because of the looks and just pure beauty :")
  3. The magnum us such a beauty, I'd go with that, unless you can find a silencer for the m1911
  4. I agree with this 100%, I haven't been robbed myself, but when seeing videos from this server, a lot of bandits just don't care, and want your stuff, they need to try harder, get more into it.
  5. I think that this system eliminates some of the fun, I don't like being able to find some of the best loot in places like the pub and apartment buildings I think that this system eliminates some of the fun, I don't like being able to find some of the best loot in places like the pub and apartment buildings
  6. Both of those ideas are great, I would love to see them implemented and used in game, it would deffinitly help for role playing too,
  7. I love the button up shirts That and that bubble coat, wonderful looking clothing.
  8. sirbasham

    New whitelist system coming Soon™

    I think that this is a great idea, and If implemented correctly, it should definitely be done and would make the community so much better, even though it is already a pretty great community.
  9. Well i mean, lets be honest, most people in real life would be terrified, so they are just playing their part, they are just roleplaying, But there are those few that make a backround so the are the type of person to kinda stand up for themselves still.
  10. They need to add a DMR, it was so much fun in the mod, a great snipeer
  11. They are actually added a new map that was on the mod, it has snow! I think that it would be amazing, adding more variety to it!
  12. Boats, driving across the water would make things interesting and it would fit perfectly with my fisherman backround!
  13. That was amazing I love the new V3S they added, it makes things so fun!
  14. Back when the DayZRP-Mod was active there was a different attitude towards that situation, generally you could no problem, but now with different and unfinished systems, the situation on that topic has shifted. I quote forum Moderator Sung. "Since we have no way of telling whether their death was a glitch or not, we cannot give people permission for them to return, whether they died of a glitch or not. Plus it's hard to trust people. They could lie about dying to a glitch when they in fact died of hunger, thirst, etc and just want their gear back." The short answer is in fact, a resounding "no" currently. /Solving That is completely understandable, I just wanted to make sure before I went of doing it, I don't want to break any rules. Thank you for the answer, and thanks for giving me such a detailed explanation.
  15. So I was playing on the server traveling with a friend, and we were at Bolota Airfield in the ACT, he was walking around the outer part of the glass dome and suddenly his leg broke, we role played it off and i made him a splint, but while I was applying it to him, all of a sudden, my leg breaks and i proceed to get damaged and i die. If I am to die from a glitch, one like this, does everything from the NLR still apply? can i return to my gear since it was a glitch that killed me? No one else was around to see it, and the person I was with was an actual friend of mine. How do the rules apply to something like this? PS: Sorry for the long post for a simple question, I just want to make sure i explain myself clearly.