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  1. Persistence atm?

    Ok.. So I'm not loosing my mind... The new loot system is in place, but no persistance.... (Note to self don't put anything down) Ok noted.. Thank god I'm not loosing my mind after I just found it again
  2. This might have been asked already...

    Ah very cool.. I'm reinstalling Arma2 now, its been a long time since I've hopped on Arma2. Been playing a lot of Arma3 as of late. I miss DayZRP soooo much!
  3. This might have been asked already...

    I was wondering if the DayZRP Mod server do you need to be whitelisted like standalone?? Sorry if this has been asked already
  4. Take what you need or take Everything?

    And when one finally succeeds to do that, the oven will disappear in front of their very eyes and take the cooking pot with itself. This is a real thing. I tend to take as much stuff as I can fit in my bags and I find useful for myself. And sometimes, the looting takes a lot of time. So you're saying cooking with a stone oven is pointless? Can someone please confirm. Not that I don't trust this but is this before the last update or after? I'd hate to loose the only source of cooking we have. Our goal is to live off the land and find a settlement we can join and contribute to. With fishing and fishing traps being bugged. On the bright side i read a post somewhere that as soon as .56 update you'll be able to cook from a stick ( sharpened I'm guessing) and no need for a tripod or oven.
  5. Take what you need or take Everything?

    I get the spawn system is a little on the buggy side but it's almost nothing around. Every vehicle, building, shed, you name it.. Don't get me wrong I love the fact that it's hard as hell to survive, but I didn't know if we were doing something wrong or just a coincidence. I mean before this last update I to be honest was getting board. I don't want this thread to come across as complaining, but only to be able to make it from Cherno to a little past the dam is the least amount of distance traveled for 3 hours of game play and the only thing found was a packet of seeds.
  6. Take what you need or take Everything?

    Out of gas... Can't find a canister.
  7. So my wife and I are trying to make our way north. Water (check) cooking pot (check) portable gas stove (check) gas canisters (check, but it's out of gas) cooking tripod (nope) "Let's check these houses sheds and vehicles on our way." "Find anything?" "Nope everything is completely empty." "I'm hungry." "Me too... I've got seeds" "Great let's plant them and hopefully that will satisfy us until we make it up north." "But I we don't have lime." "It's ok we can just wait until they are finished." *ten minutes go by* "Wow I'm extremely hungry." *we eat and only get enough to go from orange to yellow hungry* Keep in mind we have meat to cook but no tripod. Now the header for the thread says it all. Are people taking everything they see or everything the need. Since playing on DayZRP I've only ever taken what I need not what I want. Seems to me people are looting anything and everything. I get presistance is on and all, but this is nuts. This is even on a Wednesday. Hasn't even been 24hrs since the Wednesday restart. Am I mi something here? The main point of the RP server is to RP. Not going and looting everything. It even states it on the rules looting is secondary to RP. It seem that's all ppl are doing. Ok rant is over.
  8. Living off the land?

    My wife and I are going to be doing this once presistence gets back up and running. Find a secluded place and put up a tent by a house make sure we have easy access to water for fishing and drink and game for hunting. This has been our plan since we started. With presistance hopefully coming back and seeing some of the additions I'm psyched to do this. Survival at its best, and hopefully meet ppl with the same interests and possibly build a community
  9. Howdy! Care to trade?

    Welcome to the community James good luck on your application.
  10. infections

    I did survive.. 3 days, but I think(not a bug report) it was something buggy in the game. We tried everything, I would get sicker and sicker after getting better. So instead of reporting anything I figured I'd role play it out see how long I could survive or make other ppl that I come into contact with feel uncomfortable. I figured in RL I have a cold so whenever I'd cough I'd make sure I would cough in game. If someone took my pulse it came up extremely weak all the time even when I got myself better. Thank goodness for my wife in game my character would pass out and lay unconscious once was right in the middle of the street. She'd revive me using her own wits and knowledge on how to get me on my feet again. I RP'd that for 3days until last night an infected one hit me and killed me(Ashe). As for Ashe he might or might not be alive. Only time will tell.
  11. infections

    Oh I survived.. My friend died trying to get some help and supplies. I'll check the video out
  12. infections

    <----FallenAngl's husban. Well, on later on last night I got hit again by an infected. This time I used rags that were cleaned with alcohol. once again I got sick and started seeing gray. So I cleaned my wounds w/ alcohol and nothing. So I found a fountain made myself puke(wonderful sound btw) the sickness went away then I ate something and got sick again. Puke repeat.. Eat again puke repeat. So I stopped eating after and I was fine. So.. Note to everyone don't drink or eat after getting sick. Anyways it's was an awesome RP experience when it happened. Thanks for everyones help and sorry to Bravo for getting killed while getting out of your truck.
  13. Welcome to the community! Once you are in I hope you enjoy your time here at DayZRP. If you need anything please don't hesitate to ask. Good luck
  14. This is the story of George "Ashe" Paige.. For those who know me in game you know who I am.. For those who I've not met this is who I am.. My name is George Paige. My friends call me "Ashe". I am from South East Pennsylvania. I served in the military where I trained to be a combat medic and had extensive training in outdoor survival. After 15 years I retired at the rank of Major. After retirement I returned home and became an EMT and Firefighter for the local volunteer Fire Company. With my experience in survival training I opened a business to teach others about survival training. After the business took off I was able to take groups from my classes on simulated survival trips. I had a few of my students become group leaders and work for me. A couple of years have gone by and I have been able to trust sending them on some excursions. I sent a group of ten out with a group leader named Alex one of my most trusted leaders. Nothing too hard. Take a group and simulate a survival situation. Two day trip to get to the location and 3 days of survival field training that's all it was. One of the major rules is communication from the group leader every 4 to 5 hours to make sure everything was running smoothly. It has been just over two days since I have heard anything from the group. Maybe it was bad weather or maybe it was something worse. I called Tony a friend of mine I served with in the military to come help me. We head out to check on the group. By the time we get to the site it will be five days since we had any communication. Not one blip on the radio nothing at all... Finally we get to the site and no one is around, not a single sole. We start a sweep of the area and we came across Alex laying face down on the ground. He had what seemed like a bite mark on his neck. No pulse.. What happened? Who did this? or what did this? and what happened to the group of students. We covered Alex with a blanket and setup camp, wait for daybreak to start another search. It was some time in the night Alex suddenly starts moving. He was making a gargling sound and foaming at the mouth and his eyes, I'll never forget the look in his eyes. Sole-less. Suddenly he lunged at us, after a struggle to get him restrained and I had no choice but to kill Alex it was the only choice I had to protect us, but the damage had already been done. He had severely injured Tony. Tony and I hear movement, what sounded like a herd of animals, but it wasn't.. It was the group of students and more. Tony yells for me to run and get out of here! I grab Tony and tried to carry him to safety. He became heavy and it was getting too hard to carry him anymore. We find a place to hide from what seem like zombie like people. I dressed Tony's wounds but nothing was helping him. His skin became burning hot! I knew the same thing that had happened to Alex was going to happen to Tony. Once again Tony tells me to leave and get to safety. With no choice I did leave him. I started running and did not stop until I reached some sort of civilization. I came across a deserted town. It seemed like a ghost town. After getting into an abandoned house I gathered my thoughts and realized what has happened. A zombie apocalypse has begun.. That's when the search for supplies and survivors begins... George "Ashe" Paige
  15. DayZRP is so good

    My wife and I have been having a blast on DayZRP.. Other than the wonderful glitches that seem to get me almost all the time.. Other than that most of the time we are out trying to help ppl.. Once in a while we run into bandits that rob or try to rob us.. a lot of heart pounding moments that make me want to start therapy lol, but its part of the RP. It's been a great time..