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  1. Where do you find weapons nowadays?
  2. No point arguing here, make a report and punish him! They are always sorry when they get caught, teach him a lesson.
  3. is persistence on or off atm?

    I believe its on, because I can't find any loot at all.
  4. The Fight for Survival

    Haha fight for survival and both end up dead.
  5. [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for using a smiley
  6. AK lovers take a look!

    Eye candy for sure!
  7. 24 hour stream! live now!

    You are online but your friend is not, did he already finished his 24h stream?
  8. Why so much night time?

    If you have a benq monitor, turn on black equalizer. It's like having night vison.
  9. New items from gamefiles!

    Skin a sheep and make a leather jacket, hell yeah
  10. Long Range Pistol Shot!

    Crazy shot, I guess luck > skill
  11. bandit or hero?

    Why be a hero and risk your life for nothing. Bandit all day every day!
  12. Official CS:GO Thread

    I got banned for kicking another person, wtf how is this possible ?