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  1. chinglish

    How to survive in .55 and beyond

    Where do you find weapons nowadays?
  2. No point arguing here, make a report and punish him! They are always sorry when they get caught, teach him a lesson.
  3. I believe its on, because I can't find any loot at all.
  4. Haha fight for survival and both end up dead.
  5. chinglish

    [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for using a smiley
  6. chinglish

    AK lovers take a look!

    Eye candy for sure!
  7. You are online but your friend is not, did he already finished his 24h stream?
  8. If you have a benq monitor, turn on black equalizer. It's like having night vison.
  9. Skin a sheep and make a leather jacket, hell yeah
  10. chinglish

    Long Range Pistol Shot!

    Crazy shot, I guess luck > skill
  11. Why be a hero and risk your life for nothing. Bandit all day every day!
  12. chinglish

    Official CS:GO Thread

    I got banned for kicking another person, wtf how is this possible ?