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  1. .60 antialising problem

    I think yes. I was googling for a while and saw similar thread on some forum about the same problem but for arma 2. Guy had radeon card as well, and some people did fix it by changing texture filtering quality in CCC from Standard to High. But not all people did fix it with that. Also my friend have same gpu as me and he don't have that problem with antialising. Weird.
  2. .60 antialising problem

    Nah I tried tweaking all settings in game nothing helps. Guess I'll turn off damn antialising on trees. Thanks for the help guys <3 Hopefully someone else maybe experienced this problem and managed to fix it, please post it here.
  3. .60 antialising problem

    The problem: http://imgur.com/AV9FUN7 (It's much more visible in game than in picture for some reason lol) My in game settings: http://imgur.com/DXnwnLf quick note: i use normal anti and normal fxaa. for some reason after latest little patch game changed it to low.
  4. .60 antialising problem

    My specs are: cpu:860k amd gpu: radeon r7 250 1gb gddr5 12 gb of ram windows 10 Also all my drivers are up to date. The problem started if I'm sure since .60 came to stable branch. If I recall good I did not have this problem on experimental. I tried uninstalling than reinstalling game, did not help.
  5. .60 antialising problem

    Hello community Hows everyone doing today ? I dont know if anyone posted this already but here it goes. I have this weird problem with antialising when applied to trees. The bug happens only outside the new rendered fog. I have this weird white/blue lines and dots at trees. When I turn off antialising the problem is gone. How ever the problem not affect the grass, only trees. I spoke with few people and it seems that it affect some and some dont. Does anyone have this problem ? Any fix ? I use radeon graphic card. I would really like to use antialising on trees cuz it makes game looks more sexy. Thanks in advance. Cheers !
  6. Yoshi's Shorts

    nice read
  7. I haven't had time to read the whole story and all chapters but I see you have put a lot of effort into this. Svaka cast brate. Beanz on me
  8. Writing his Own Story (Brodie Kearns)

    nice chapters ! Hope the new patch comes so i can start playing again. I miss RP but Dayz is so bad now. But nice read deffo !
  9. After seeing this mod on Frankie's videos, I decided to buy arma 3 ! I'm complete noob when it comes to setting servers up but all I can say good luck guys ! This mod is gonna be a blast. Specially on RP. Now one noob question: Is there a date set up when this mod comes out?
  10. Nice. Btw sorry to hear about ur daughter.
  11. The Raid Of Austellus - Prison Break

    This is such a good idea ! I have watched videos of it on YT. Very nice event indeed ! Perfect example of how good this can be I just think prisoners don't need to use radios.
  12. DayZRP PlugDJ

    Deep house right now
  13. [Release] DayZ Configuration tool

    Don't worry guys. It is perfectly safe to edit cfg files. I see this program do exactly the same. I use edited cfg files for a long time now and I got 20+ fps in every place. Check out this guide I found some time ago. I guess this program does the guide automatically, more or the less. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=216291078
  14. The Growth of an Acorn

    Good read indeed.
  15. Zoya's Story

    Nice ! Enjoyed reading it.