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  1. Ego

    Your luckiest moment on RP?

    Because it was sheer luck that I managed to land the shot
  2. Ego

    Your luckiest moment on RP?

    Back on DayZ Mod when I was in SVR, chasing down a helicopter and I managed to fire an RPG and knock it out of service through a dense forest. It was at like 200m and shakey aim due to sprinting, I cried tears of joy. Thats until the helicopter was miraculously "fixed" *cough cough* and flew off
  3. Ego

    Post pictures of your pet

    Major Tom is my pet <3
  4. Can zombies still manage to hit you when they shouldn't?
  5. Awesome to hear! Doesn't look like its changed in the slightest though ahaha!
  6. So its been over a year since I've last properly visited the ol' DayzRP, yet I've found my self nosying in on threads these last couple days and I recognise hardly anyone! Wheres all the oldies at? I'm feeling reinstalling DayZ, hows it faring?
  7. Ego

    Tanoan Crisis concept

    Im guessing its already been asked but will you be able to slow down the progression of peoples wealth? Like every life type server you go on it seems everyone and their mum has a helicopter or some seriously fast car. It might be just me but it does feel that way, it would be awesome if you managed to keep it so very few people were properly rich
  8. Reply in a bad way. I dont want my character to speak >.>
  9. Ego

    Old colours

    I agree mostly...BUT I LOVE PURPLE, can I keep it Rolle pls
  10. Ego

    Website upgrades

    I need a "view new posts" Lol ignore, saw it the second i tabbed back onto it
  11. Ego

    Small DayZ tips you might not know #ProTips

    animal hide + garden lime (so dumb) By that logic, Potato + water = Roast potato :troll: Ty anyway
  12. Ego

    Small DayZ tips you might not know #ProTips

    Awesome tips, how do you create tanned leather? (CBA googling, on phone)
  13. Ego

    Hard at Work

    Thats hell'a awesome! But the problem is...how do you RP the power for that building...and then RP why no other building has that power
  14. I dont see why we should choose Both are good, but what about all th other genres maaan
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