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  1. Tim

    awww yisss

    Yes, many of the former members where banned. And I have no contact with the other former groupmates since years. Unfortunately, I didn't play here for years, but maybe I take a look into the new servers here. Sounds interesting.
  2. It looks like it takes much time to skill all these different skills.
  3. No, not another german guy. Just a joke, welcome mate.
  4. Enjoyed the Rp in Polana with three people. I didn´t get their names, but it was really nice.
  5. You are only allowed to be in 1 roster? You are only allowed to be in one group at the same time. It is not allowed to play as an alt character in different groups. It doesn´t matter if this is your own group, that means you are the leader or you are a "normal" member of the group. PS: Sorry, Shark and me posted at the same minute.
  6. Good luck with this, hope we can roleplay soon.
  7. *Grabs his old radio* *tzzzz...if I would say that in german, anybody would call me a nazi. This is not america, this is chernarus, I only want to survive here and I respect the natives, don´t be so rude and say, this is the new america, we all have to survive. I cry nearly every night, because of my dead friends and colleagues who died in this land. I am a foreigner, but I want to live. When I go to the borders of Chernarussia, I fall back to my last position, because I hear so much cries out there. I only want to live, please, please. Don´t kill me. I survived alone, I don´t want to die. When you want to kill me, then do it fast, because I have not the same oppinion like you. I will help all people, it doesn´t matter if there are chernarussians or people from other countrys. And to all other survivors who can hear me, I don´t want to steal from you or your country. I am a businessman and not a super soldier. Or... I was a businessman.... I am just a survivor now...alone. *Tim shuts down the radio and a tear ran in his cheek down*
  8. What will happen, if the players are walking on the top of the map? Maybe a flying chosen one on the sky.
  9. Yes, as Praeminatii said, it´s alpha at the moment. There`re fixes and changes of many different features in every patch. I look forward to the game, because I didn´t play it for a while.
  10. Thank you so much, Tim! Alyssa's not all that hard to find IG, but getting a quiet moment to chat can be a challenge; hopefully you'll accept it - looking forward to seeing you around. No problem. Looking forward to see you around.
  11. Very nice roleplay stories, great RP. Hope to meet you ingame.
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