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  1. "I have this idea for quite some (every since i seen the apartments) so its when the base building come into the game (e.g steel doors and brick walls) i want to hold up on one of the floors good view and have people in other rooms making sure me and them sure we all don't die. the loot would be good, the RP would be awesome. have like a farm up top with a guard tower with snipers and generally have fun long RP game runs 24 hr that shit would be awesome cant wait too see if it comes true." - Blackthrone Great Idea, was this just a general idea, or did you have an area you wanted to set this up at?
  2. RatTrap


    The new prison will have a ton of new RP options to the server when .53 goes stable.
  3. With all the increased spawn of the V3S, I sense more road trips in the future. I see taxi RP becoming more frequent. In the next update.
  4. My buddy and I where leaving Cherno heading to Bolota via the road from the supermarket to the industrial/piano to the west. We where about 50-60 meters from the industrial concrete wall, when over my shoulder I see someone stalking us. I turn and pull my gun up. The stalker sees me do this and books it for a nearby house. My buddy and I run behind the concrete walls and wait 30-40 seconds when I spot the guy and his buddy. We end up setting up an ambush at the piano house, waiting for them to stumble upon us. We wait 6 to 8 minutes without see them. We where about to regroup around the gas station between Cherno and Bolota, when we spot them and the server crashes. Even though it didn't end in blood shed it was still funny in hind sight.
  5. RatTrap


    The Prison Island is amazing, and a lot of work went into the prison design. It is a little disorienting. But the swim will cost you your backpack, that is the toll of the island. I am thinking of RP'ing as the last guard, and patrol the island.
  6. Dude I complete agree with you. To roam the Wastes in search of adventure and the abominations the Wastes have created. Human or Non-human it waits. The RP would be amazing.
  7. The Hype is real, ill tell you that. I can't wait to officially join the server community, I have played on RP servers before, but never a DayZ RP server. My body is ready, to hit server side and "begin my life".
  8. True Neutral. I wont bug you if you don't bug me. Freshies are to be approached and offered help, unless being aggressive. But basiclly along the same lines like Ursrus said above.
  9. Repeater all the way, close to mid range, moderately quiet, plenty of ammo, great "clip" size, good damage to almost anything.
  10. The ability to turn on, off, or redirect a cities utility systems (such as electricity, waste treatment, and water flow) to anywhere in the cities reach. This could cause people to set plumbing to flood a building forcing out an enemy, or turn the power on in a building to reveal someones location in a building. Turn a saw mill on and have the classic saw mill danger scenario.
  11. RatTrap

    Blood's additions to the lore and characteristics

    So your saying that the "Remedy" for the undead would cause a genetic rewrite of the persons anatomy, thus giving them incredible abilities at the price of their mental state being reduced to that of a child playing a game and not seeing the consequences of murder of their fellow man. Those who have partaken of this "Remedy" are to be stopped at all costs.
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