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  1. Alright, the first time I did RP was on Lego Star Wars II with my sister. We created characters and RP'd as them. After that it was Roblox, then G-mod then Fallen Earth. Back to G-mod then onto Unturned. Recently I tried to play the Star Wars Pen and Paper, but the people I was playing with just wanted to quit the whole time.
  2. Battlefront 2? How so?
  3. I just wanted to know, what is everyone's history with RP? Did you come from the RP side of MMO's? Garry's mod? RP chat rooms? What? I really want to see what everyone has done in the past.
  4. That is just a sample of what I listen to by those guys.
  5. Rocktalon

    [GAME] Would you save the person above you (IC'ly)?

    Their title is The Martyr. They must die so that everyone gets inspired to go and wreck zombie face.
  6. Rocktalon

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Has a face!
  7. Rocktalon

    The object on your right is now your weapon against zombies, how screwed are you?

    I have... a couch, a filing cabinet, Legend of Zelda monopoly, Firefly Clue, a printer, and a wall+window. Last time I did one of these I had a cat next to me. Go on pet his belly, I DARE YOU!
  8. Name: Rocktalon I attempted to do this. I got to rockt and then I hit the past button and pasted a giant wall of text..... Here is attempt two rocktalon... That took all of 20 seconds...
  9. I used to play this game called Sub Rosa, I played the 0.07 Demo then it was released and I had no money to buy it. IN the game the objective is to get the floppy disk which is usually transported via Briefcase In that game the Mangum can only be looted from NPC's in a acquisition game mode in which all players fight against 2 limos with 4 people, 1 driver 3 gunners, each in the limos. Well me and my friend received divine word about the Holy Order of Mangum. I became Speaker of MAGNUM, and he became Child of MAGNUM. By order of MAGNUM himself we were not allowed to touch the briefcase, MAGNUM deemed it the Unholy Filth, which held our objective, either the floppy disk or 1-4 stacks of cash. You can only store one thing per inventory slot, you only had 5 inventory slot. Briefcases were almost vital. We were not allowed to use them. Before every trade with another team we would begin by praising his holy self, MAGNUM, if we had a holy artifact (a MAGNUM, not to be confused with MAGNUM who is the god) we would start the trade by bowing down to it. If someone spoke ill of MAGNUM we would slay them for being a heretic. There was one man who was one of the 100 or so people who played the game. He became known to The Holy Order of MAGNUM as the "Fallen Bullet." He was the worst of everyone in the eyes of MAGNUM, if anyone worked with them they were branded heretics and we had to slay them. The limos were known as the Vessel of MAGNUM. The Holy Order of MAGNUM's vehicle of choice was the red van, it was called the Chariot of MAGNUM. Whenever MAGNUM spoke it was through the Speaker of MAGNUM, it was shown that MAGNUM was speaking by Speaker of MAGNUM using all cap's when he was speaking. That is about all I can remember at this point.
  10. Is there anyway someone could tell me how to post a picture? I am rather new to forums in general.
  11. It has two guys staring at me. I feel threatened. 6/10