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  1. Wifi USB Adapter

    I have one that works well, not too expensive as well.
  2. [S3] Abuse of Ingame Mechanics

    "pro MLG mechanic and I make V3S to submarine" Are you joking or actually being serious, I cant tell?
  3. [GAME] Rate the person's signature above you

    Relevant Information 8/10
  4. I am freezing!

    Run around and you will eventually warm up. You can also wring your clothes out if you right click them. This can also help.
  5. Whitelist application

    you’re at the point of conflict or within range of it (that means at most 500 m from the conflict) or you’re part of either one of the groups involved in the battle but have been separated with them before the fight began. Look through your wording here.
  6. Restarts

    ok thanks man
  7. Restarts

    When playing DayZRP I have discovered that there are many random restarts. Is there any way of predicting one of these unscheduled restarts as it can become frustrating and ruin role play. Furthermore, are other peoples tents and v3s's disappearing after restarts, I though that this was fixed with the new update.
  8. Curse of Babayaga

    sounds like good fun