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  1. Hey Everyone!, Just been accepted last night and after a long await its finally time for me to play! Been waiting for this moment a long time:D
  2. Hey guys just submitted my second application, definitely think ive done so much better this time! Fingers crossed and hope i see you guys in game soon:D
  3. Jakeyy_B


    So say if I was number 10 out of 100 would that mean I'm closer in the queue than 90 out of 100 im confused?
  4. Jakeyy_B


    I really cant wait much longer ive been stuck around the same position in the queue for days and i cant change my whitelist application to put me higher in the list until its been reviewed and i doubt it ever will be, If i happen to donate will it change my application already sent and will it change the ones i might send in the future if i dont get in first time because i really want to play, please help
  5. I applied a few days ago, this isnt asking when im gonna be accepted, Its why is my app going higher up in the list yesterday i was on 209, now im 320?
  6. I'm a little confused can anyone help.. I'm waiting for my whitelist to be looked at but i was wondering, do i have to download anything to play dayzrp on standalone or do i just need a password?
  7. New player here cant wait to get started!