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  1. It's two years since i'm here and DayZ it's still in Alpha. Kek.
  2. Nah? If i had i would post it in the first post straight away.
  3. Michael

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    Do you remember? XDDDDDDDDDDDDD 

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    2. Michael

      DOn't be shy or i gonna report u to Imperator D. Trump.

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      lol u a mad guy

      I am gnome who is randle?

  4. Pavel Jiracek PoV: yes we've met some guys in Novaya Petrovka, had chat with them. When we wanted to leave we got initiated via text. Tought it's someone else than these guys we were talking with so i tried to run. Karel didn't had time to do nothing cuz he got shot instantly after the initiation dropped. Edit: I didn't comply - died - it's ok. But it's sad that my friend didn't do nothing and got killed.
  5. I see that things don't change.  You're coming here once a month (or even less) then some 2k16 non factor whitenames are acting like a bois from da hood to you and then you recieve points instead of them xD 

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      Don't worry I got points for one slightly jokey post on my own thread.


  7. For your own safety use both voip and text initiation then. I think that range of text chat havn't changed.
  8. Can someone update 1st post with all current issues in 0.61 stable???
  9. I locked myself in the guard house with only few bullets left... It wasn't a good idea:
  10. Michael


    Sung? Who is she?
  11. That's why you shouldn't sunbath in hat
  12. Member awesome Exile + Esseker side project?