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  1. Pavel Jiracek born on 27th October 1984 in Novodmitrovsk. His father Karel was a worker in the local factory. His mother Helena was working in the same factory's canteen. That's vere they met. Pavel since his adolescent days was a very brisk kid. He was spending most of his free time playing football or runing with the gun made from stick playing "war" with his friends. Overall he was a good kid but it doesn't mean that his parents didn't had problems with him. Often they were called to go to school because either he got in a fight with someone or he had idea to make some funny pranks (that's what he tought) to teachers or other students. Pavel was interested in football because of his father. He took him on his first football match when he was 10. Since that day Pavel couldn't forget what he saw and was excited of it. His father knew all of this fans. He was a member of Sparta Novodmitrovsk Hooligans when he was young. He wanted to become a real football fan like the people he saw on the stadium, like his father. When he was seventeen his father died in the accident in the factory with two other workers. Factory's directors wanted to cover that fact and blame it to his father that he was drunk and that caused the accident. Pavel knew it wasn't true. After the accident he went to the pub where factory workers and Sparta Hooligans used to drink after day of work. He talked with with his father co-workers and and discovered that he was right about the accident. It wasn't his father fault. Factory's machines and equipment was old and worn out. Directors of the factory instead of making repairs were taking money for that to their pockets. Pavel convinced his father's friends that they should start riots. When the riots started Pavel took a part in it. He was beaten by the OREL several times during the riots and went to the jail for the few days. After few days of riots protesters managed to fire factory's directors and force them to clean his father's name. When Pavel finished school he started to work in the factory like his father. He also became a member of Sparta Hooligans thanks to his bravery which caused the riots. Till the outbreak Pavel was working in the factory. During that time he was proudly representing his family name at work and on the stadiums as a memver of Sparta Hooligans. He didn't had kids or wife because his girlfriend left him for some rich doctor from Berezino. During the outbreak he was at work. He don't know what happend with his mother. When he managed to escape the factory and went to his mother apartment he didn't found her there.
  2. Eh... So i need to wait for my "thrift shop stash" ? I hope it's not gonna take another year ?
  3. 1. Oh... That's a shame ? 2. What bout tents and barrels? Is it the same?
  4. It's been a long time since the last time i played DayZ so i have two questions: 1. I see in menu that you can have multiple characters. Is it working on DayZRP server? Can i have for example two characters with different look, equipment etc? 2. How long backpacks stays on the ground atm? Thanks ?
  5. It's two years since i'm here and DayZ it's still in Alpha. Kek.
  6. Nah? If i had i would post it in the first post straight away.
  7. 16195613_1216751075075116_41737223675747


    Do you remember? XDDDDDDDDDDDDD 

    1. Dom



    2. Michael


      DOn't be shy or i gonna report u to Imperator D. Trump.

    3. Dom


      lol u a mad guy

      I am gnome who is randle?

  8. Pavel Jiracek PoV: yes we've met some guys in Novaya Petrovka, had chat with them. When we wanted to leave we got initiated via text. Tought it's someone else than these guys we were talking with so i tried to run. Karel didn't had time to do nothing cuz he got shot instantly after the initiation dropped. Edit: I didn't comply - died - it's ok. But it's sad that my friend didn't do nothing and got killed.
  9. I see that things don't change.  You're coming here once a month (or even less) then some 2k16 non factor whitenames are acting like a bois from da hood to you and then you recieve points instead of them xD 

    1. Dom


      Don't worry I got points for one slightly jokey post on my own thread.


  11. For your own safety use both voip and text initiation then. I think that range of text chat havn't changed.
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