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  1. Finally <3 


    • Randle



    Do you remember? XDDDDDDDDDDDDD 

    1. Randle



    2. Michael

      DOn't be shy or i gonna report u to Imperator D. Trump.

    3. Randle


      lol u a mad guy

      I am gnome who is randle?

  2. I see that things don't change.  You're coming here once a month (or even less) then some 2k16 non factor whitenames are acting like a bois from da hood to you and then you recieve points instead of them xD 

    1. Randle


      Don't worry I got points for one slightly jokey post on my own thread.


  4. .61 Current Issues and Information

    -User was warned for this post-
  5. .61 Current Issues and Information

    For your own safety use both voip and text initiation then. I think that range of text chat havn't changed.
  6. .61 Current Issues and Information

    Can someone update 1st post with all current issues in 0.61 stable???
  7. I locked myself in the guard house with only few bullets left... It wasn't a good idea:
  8. Dad?

    Sung? Who is she?
  9. Real life picture Thread

    That's why you shouldn't sunbath in hat
  10. Be a Member Berry

    Member awesome Exile + Esseker side project?
  11. Post Election Discussion

    <3 <3 <3
  12. Post Election Discussion

    Such a good news for today :3