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    Happy Birthday, Nilin, the Ex GM. 

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      why did you never wish me a happy birthday

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  1. Interview with Shark

    Enjoyed reading that interview! ♥
  2. Fafnir's Media Dungeon

    Great pictures <3
  3. OBS

    Another person had issues with OBS not too long ago, I posted on that thread with several others.. have you taken a look at it to see if it helps you? http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Multiple-Questions
  4. Multiple Questions

    I have had the black screen issue using OBS in the past streaming dayz, this usually happens when updating or using a newer version of the software, have you tried downgrading your software to an earlier version to see if that fixes it plus using the anti cheat setting above. The resolution can be found in settings/video under base resolution... select custom and set what you want but also making sure the resolution downscale is set to none. I included a picture down below if this helps any.
  5. Interview with Echo

    Great interview, and still remember that drunk crash you did in that video.. <3
  6. A long awaited return

    Welcome back Vector!
  7. Aeternus (Strict Recruitment)

    Haha, still thinking about the future outcomes! Thanks Sharky! <3
  8. Nominee: Fafnir Reason: As someone who got me into taking pictures, he is an inspiration and started me on my own journey of taking pictures.. he takes some beautiful shots. Evidence: Fafnir's Media Dungeon
  9. Fafnir's Media Dungeon

    Great pictures <3
  10. New staff recruitment system

    Because they were women. Nilin isn't one tho *coughs* Why... why yes I am ... actually!