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  1. Sue is his older sister, so it is completely plausible. I'm more concerned that the movie will suck just as bad as the last ones, not who is playing what. I would hope that it won't suck now that Disney owns Marvel. If anyone has the power to make a great movie its Disney. I'm anxious for the release of Star Wars just cause I know Disney has the time, power, and money to make it great.
  2. Yeah they casted a black guy to play him in the new one, the director is trying uber hard to be politically correct and different apparently. I can only hope he won't make the silver surfer gold.
  3. How do people here feel about the new Johnny Storm being black while his sister Sue is still white? Personally I think he should be white just to stay true to the comics, I will admit had they made Sue black as well I would not have minded as much. I am more bothered by the fact that wonder twins are a separate ethnicity entirely.
  4. well thats a bummer. oh well, gearing is half the adventure lol. Mods you can delete this thread if you please.
  5. Hey on the US server IP port 2702 my character is stuck inside/under a building inside of its foundation and I cannot wiggle my way out. I logged out there not realizing it was elevated and spawned in underneath the floor. Is there anyway to move my character out of the building or should I just try and kill myself and respawn?
  6. so you are my usurper for the number one spot. interesting. Jk. I was number one since 4 a.m. yesterday (US East Coast) and I am still waiting lol. I guess the admins just don't feel like looking through the apps right now. Which is completely understandable.
  7. I'm already at number two and was at number one for the longest time because of my activity in the forums
  8. how long was y'alls wait? I'm really eager to play, and this wait is killing me.
  9. Who do you think you are? I can see you right now.
  10. Keep on waiting for those admins to get on lol. Been stuck at approx. 1rst ticket since 4 in the morning.
  11. This is actually more true than it may appear you have been warned however who needs a social life when I have my apocalyptic life on DayZ?!?! lmao
  12. I've been waiting for 6 hours vigilantly to play on these servers I'm so hyped. I can't wait to play with this community. I've seen all the videos and I think its simply fantastic
  13. admins/mods Archive this thread please!
  14. sorry I didn't think that any rules had to be followed, I misinterpreted this as just an ideas section. It should be deleted or taken down or something as I don't plan on revising it until its picture perfect and with my current schedule that can take some time. Is there a way for me to take down the thread or is that out of my control? It can be archived if you wish, you must ask the staff through PMs or on the thread. will simply leaving a reply saying "Admins please Archive this" work?
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