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  1. Sandy


    Who are you? Cheers mate, not got issues really just stuff I'm aiming for in life which I should probs be committing more time to.
  2. Sandy


    Got real life shit to be focusing on and don't need this place to distract me anymore. Had some great times here and been on and off about leaving fully and cutting back on my play time but after seeing some of the things I've seen on the forums and IG I just don't want to be involved with this place anymore. 99% chance I'll never be back here unless something massive changes in my life and I have time to get into RP again. So with that being said, I'd like to give my permission for @Thoros to take over the old K bros thread if he wants to bring it back in the future. To all the lads I've been hanging with over the last few months cheers for the good times and the banter. I can only apologise for all the stuff I planned with some of you guys which I won't be involved in bringing to life now. Right, guess that's about it. I'll still be round on steam and shit if anyone wants life advice, I got loads ready to dish out. Bye.
  3. Sandy

    Upcoming community changes - February 2018

    Sound mate, I asked a question that was clearly on a few people mind, it was more directed at staff but I Appreciate the answer anyway. Not sure why the passive aggressive tone is needed or the sarcasm but hey I’ve got bigger worries in life fuck it dm anyway. And yeah like others have been saying on paper that’s all cool but so many guys here are trigger happy and often look to raise their kill count every chance they get. Because of this others play it safe, why risk someone shooting you first when you can drop him and move on? Sure on paper more rp sounds good but the only extra rp this will give is both sides initiate rather than one initate the other shoots.
  4. Sandy

    Upcoming community changes - February 2018

    I’m also keen to hear the reasons behind this, is it anything more than trying to get more official groups?
  5. Sandy

    Upcoming community changes - February 2018

    If it ain’t broke then why fix it? What exactly is so wrong with dynamics that they need to be removed completely?
  6. Sandy

    Radio and Role Play: The Comprehensive Guide

    Decent guide mate, might make some effort to perform my knightly duties now since you know some shit about radios and I respect that shit. But really this is a well written and technically accurate guide, people should follow this if they want to realistically use the radio chatter rp.
  7. Sandy

    Our Home of Severograd [Open Freq.]

    *Mickey hears the mention of drinking and his attention is grabbed, he speaks into the radio with a sort of Irish accent* “Aye now boys, sorry to interrupt the dick measuring contest but I’ve got an important question about these here bar ya see now.” *Mickey pauses for a short while, the sound of water bubbling in the background can be heard* ”Now do yee allow dags in this here bar of yours cause I assure you if you do nah me an me broders we be sure to coume over an empty yee stores nah” *Mickey laughs to himself then says something incomprehensible before releasing the PTT*
  8. Sandy

    Hit on a snarky bandit named "David Anderson" (open Freq)

    Mickey O’Leary is awoken by one of his brothers radios buzzing outside his caravan. He angrily jumps out the caravan and grabs the device, listening into the coversation. He then speaks in a thick and difficult to understand sort of Irish accent ”What be all dis talk of fuckin bandits and shite eh? I didn’t realise we’re in the wild fucking West ere now, watch out for those Indians now.” Mickey laughs to himself before going back to bed
  9. Sandy

    Character CD reset Please

  10. Sandy

    Character CD reset Please

    Accidentally deleted my active character and can't set one as active due to the cooldown, can I get a reset, please.
  11. Sandy

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Looks good lads, I love the concept of anarchy and if the world were in the state it is then it would make sense that people would want it to stay as it is. Graphics and story are baller too, I hope I see y'all IG. Makes me want to bring back my anarchist character.
  12. Mickey was born as the eldest son of Finbar O'Leary, a traveler from Ireland. As the eldest of many brothers, Mickey helped raise most of his family teaching them all from a young age the tricks he had learned to survive on the road. As he's Da traveled across Europe in search of a new wife every few years Mickey became a skilled con artist and would make money to feed his family by scamming unsuspecting tourists. However, he never took more than he needed to survive, any excess money he would use to treat his younger siblings. At the time of the outbreak the O'Leary family was travelling through Chenarus and when the border closed they found themselves trapped in the country.
  13. Sandy

    Private Frequencies.

    Yes please make this a thing. Private frequencies don’t exist, anyone with a frequency scanning device will be able to pick up your transmission. If you want to make a transmission ‘secure’ you need to encrypt it which will make it sound like white noise to anyone without the encryption key. This would require military grade radio equipment though and most civilians wouldn’t know how to use such radios never mind figure out how to encrypt the message. If you did manage to do all that then you’d need the receiver of your message to have the encryption keys on their radio so they can understand the transmission. Basically unless you are a well funded military group you wouldn’t have ‘private’ radio and even then you’d only be able to communicate with people who have the same grade radios and you’d have to had exchanged encryption keys. Not to mention the fact you can’t just pull crypto out of thin air. tl;dr There’s no such thing as private frequencies they should go
  14. Sandy

    Remove the ability to add beanz to a post on group threads

    It depends on the situation, Dusty said people lie/exaggerate to make his groups look bad. Yes, I would say if that is a repeated occurrence that is harassment. But you can't just write off every negative comment as salt and OOC hate.
  15. Sandy

    Remove the ability to add beanz to a post on group threads

    What are you trying to say?