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  1. NLR

    Cheers for the answers lads, just wanted to confirm if I was to go round town asking questions about who shot me then possibly initiated on them in retaliation I wouldn't be breaking rules since it would have been in the past. But that's cleared up now cheers.
  2. NLR

    So I see that the NLR has changed at some point and no longer includes the line about forgetting who killed you when you died. It is clear regarding kill rites after you die however I want to confirm that when I get killed I can remember the scenario and just RP that I got injured. So if I ran into my killers again would I be able to act hostile towards them and initiate and torture them in revenge for 'shooting' me and nearly killing me?
  3. The Masonic Knights

    Any less and I will be disappointed.
  4. Searching [Open Freq.]

    *Lawrence speaks with a Chernarussian accent again, sounding slightly impatient this time* "I'm afraid the lighter is a bit damaged friend looks like someone stepped on it and it got scratched. All I can make out is Moretti or something, if you have such a problem with meeting then I guess I've got something gold and shiny to light my cigarettes now. Probably offering some shit reward anyway. *Before Lawrence releases his push to talk the sound of a flip lighter being ignited then flicked shut can be heard*
  5. Searching [Open Freq.]

    *Lawrence responds with the same Chernarussian accent* "My name is Jakub ma-err friend. Tell me where we can meet so I can return your lighter, I am keen to get my reward" *Lawrence releases the push to talk and pockets his radio*
  6. Searching [Open Freq.]

    *Lawrence speaks in a fairly convincing Chernarussian accent but if one listened carefully they would recognise him* "Errr hello friend, I found your lighter in Vybor you must tell me where I can find you to return it and get my err reward" *Lawrence releases the push to talk before letting out a chuckle and eating a stale English muffin*
  7. *Lawrence is sneaking past an infected when his radio comes to life with a message, the infected charges him but he swings a right hook knocking it to the ground. As he finishes the creature with a longsword he takes out his radio to respond* "Aye up Niall mate, long time no see. Me and Tommy 'ave been round here and there you know, business keeps us moving. We've been in Severograd a fair bit but travel every few days to keep the scenery fresh." *Lawrence wipes his blade clean on the infected's jacket before putting his radio away*
  8. *Lawrence clears his throat and holds the push to talk on his radio* "Right, hello to anyone we've given this frequency or anyone scanning the airwaves. This is the contact frequency for the Kelsey Brothers, if you wanna talk business or have a message for us just send it over this channel. We usually have a radio tuned to this so will get the broadcast." *Lawrence releases the push to talk and slides the radio back into his pocket*
  9. Ask the admins

    Asking: Any admin/Rolle Q1: I saw it mentioned in a thread a while ago about a lore wipe after the beta, was this an idea/suggestion or something that is happening? A1-a: We ended up doing the lore wipe earlier, at the end of July to mark DayZRP's 5 year anniversary. I do not foresee a second lore wipe happening at Beta as well (unless by chance it's years out) -Oliv Q2: If a second lore wipe is imminent how much notice would be given since beta could be dropped by surprise would we get a chance to wrap up any ongoing storylines? A2-a: As much as possible, hopefully a month minimum, but I don't see it happening. -Oliv Q3: Would it be possible for better planning for events and lore factions in the event of a second wipe? A3-a: If server side admin tool and modding came out, yes, we could drastically support lore factions better. -Oliv
  10. WIP - Fight Night (Rolling monthly events)

    Gunna need some volunteers to fight otherwise it'll never happen guys. Anyone interested please PM me.
  11. Changes [Open Freq.]

    *Lawrence takes a moment to stop laughing before sending his response* "Alright, baby gunna throw his toys out the pram cause he tried playing with the big boys and lost. If you want to be respected try acting more professional when speaking in public and hurl round petty insults trying to get a rise out of your rivals. Anyway I prefer to talk to people with a larger vocabulary than fuck and goon and I guess next time we chat will have to be over a fresh round of golf, or maybe you could take a permanent holiday and I can save you the embarrassment. I hear the weather in Takistan is lovely this time of year. Next time you hear my voice it won't be over the radio and it will be far more... memorable." *Lawerance changes the frequency on the radio and returns to his makeshift driving range*
  12. Changes [Open Freq.]

    *Overhearing a familiar tone discussing familiar events Lawrence can't help himself and decides to join the discussion* "Mr Marcarno. I can't help but overhear your comments regading the round of golf we played with some old hockey sticks just last weekend. This business we discussed over this match was quite clear I believe and I'm glad to see you have changed your organisation's policies so we can *pauses* co-exist. But then I hear these comments directly attacking myself and my colleagues and I fear you didn't really understand the lessons we taught you in golf. So I'll give you these new terms, South Zagoria is our fucking turf and if you continue to operate your wannabe band of gangsters in this area I will be forced to properly educate you on how a true English gentleman plays a round of golf. Hopefully you won't injure your finger this time, those swings can be deadly if you aren't careful. Next time I catch you in our area of operation we will have this rematch and I won't be going easy on beginners this time. Good day." *Lawrence returns his radio to has jacket and rejoins his brothers in driving golf balls off the hospital roof*
  13. What is happening?

    Yeah so I see a lot of people obviously agree and it would require a large group effort to fix this shit. But something as simple as just having a fucking conversation with someone you meet either in a hotspot or on the road would really help. I'm trying to play a charming and likable bad guy but all I seem to do is make meaningless small talk with people who seem uninterested and it is rather boring. To those who say I'm not looking hard enough for good RP then please give me a hint where I'm going wrong, I've probably met less than 20 players outside of Severograd/Cherno since the lore wipe and they've pretty much all been just looting and not up for much RP. I'm not going hunting to the ends of the map to find a group only interested in internal RP, if they want to do that then whatever I'm not gunna judge but are you really gunna have much of a story just hanging round with the same people every day? A bit of drama always makes things interesting and all the best stories have a good villain behind them, weather the bad guys win or loose if they are played right it is a hell of a ride. Glad to see I'm not the only one who misses 2015 with a passion.
  14. What is happening?

    *Takes a very deep breath before pressing the post button* So I've seen all the other threads about the current 'poor state' of the community and all the OOC salt, the RPVP vs RP debate and all that shit that's flying round and has flown round since I started here 2 years ago and I imagine has even being ongoing since before I got here. I'll try and keep this brief as I can just wanting to say the above and that this is not aimed at anyone and not intended to flame or stir anymore shit up. I'm simply voicing an opinion on some of the current problems that I and many other feel effect the servers and this community. Also since I hate to pick out faults without offering potential solutions I see I will try to cover that too. Now that is all said and done I'll get straight to the point: What are people trying to achieve in RP atm? This is a genuine question that I am confused about regarding a lot of the RP I see. Hate to give all the 'back in my day' vibes but when I played a lot on these server almost every day in 2015 there was constant story arcs and conflicts, characters would develop through events that happen to them or they witness. People would have to make IC decisions which change their character outlook on life and alter the way they respond to the next scenario they face. Many memorable things happened and it was incredible fun. After having over a year break due to real life stuff I've come back just before a lore wipe. Many people I used to play with have been banned and it's sad to see some great RPers go for whatever reason. But there is still names I recognise and many new players in the community some of whom I have had great interactions with IG. Surely loosing a few members shouldn't change the vibe of RP in such a massive way. Since my return I've played around 100 hours in RP. About 70 of those post lore wipe. I have not had a singe moment which I would call memorable like the times I had when I first started. I don't feel like I have developed my character at all, most interactions have been very brief and I often feel like I'm forcing a conversation upon someone or I'm interrogating them with endless questions which are met with short answers. It's rare I'm asked something other than my name, where I'm from or do I have x item/want to trade. I try to talk about something slightly different when I see people, maybe pick up on something they wear/carry or what I find them doing, but I find this to be met with a stock answer which leads to no further conversation. I could talk all day about all the things I'm sure we have all seen that are not necessarily bad RP but make it all feel very samey and mediocre. I miss meeting characters with a quirk that if you take the time to RP with them you can pick up on it and it can lead to a memorable experience that maybe makes your character reconsider their outlook on life. I know sometimes this can lead to too much crazy RP and the fine line between insane rp and trolling, but it still beats "Hi, whats up, gear rp, bye". I think a big issue with this may be that most RP is centered around hotspots atm. I was a member of the Colony group back in 2015 so know all the ins and outs of running a hotspot and nothing has changed with how that works. Hotspots are a great place to go if you cant find anyone to RP with and you can meet some really cool people to develop a story with when you can hear them over all the random chatter, trading and occasional trolling. I never though I'd say it but I miss the vybor triangle. At least the triangle was spread over several towns and you could travel round, do a bit of looting and meet people to travel with along the way. Cherno and Severograd are both in extremes of the map so if you want to head to anywhere else for a loot run or to try explore new locations it generally a trek and you rarely meet people so might as well just be running round on public. Another point on this is hostile RP is difficult to execute well with the current hotspot locations. Without mass initiating its hard to get hostile for whatever reason with people. You don't know who is their friend and with that many people about if it does lead to an initiation then a firefight is likely leading to death and when you see the you are dead screen that is your RP over for a good while usually. I personally love hostile RP and from time to time a bit of PVP can spice things up and even add some character development if say you survive and maybe kill your first person or have to save your friend. But I always hate unnecessary killing, no one is getting enjoyable RP from being dead and you cant RP very long with a corpse so if you really want to rack up a kill count you know where to go. Hostile RP is something I have barely seen. I'm not talking about robbers and initiations I'm talking about people having conflicts and developing hostile relations from it. Yes this does lead to initiation, robbery, torture and all that good stuff however referring back to the points above its rare for this to happen in a hotspot since there is so many people around and when a bit of drama starts everyone likes to jump in and pick sides or out shout everyone else and throw around their opinions. I know we all want to RP and be involved in the situation but it can be fun just to be a witness sometimes. Try giving someone else the spotlight and you might be surprised how you can still have fun in RP without being the center of attention every time. I've made a lot of points here and could make many more but the big one I'm trying to drive home here is that I feel the community needs to try and focus more on developing characters and making memorable stories since isn't that the purpose of RP? To do this I feel the big changes could be to stop all flocking to hotspots and try exploring a bit and maybe meet some new people in new places and something different might happen (Yeah you might get robbed but it can be fun and you will have a new enemy to peruse and therefore a story arc to develop). This could also be achieved if the hotspot location was to migrate to a place more suited to exploring the surrounding villages so people can get RP outside of a big city full of zombies with constant firefights. Also if more people would try and have a little quirk to their character that others might pick up on if they pay attention and they could have a unique conversation about it. An example of what I mean by this is my character is a addicted to morphine, I get irritable from time to time when I haven't had a hit in a while and will often ask people for morphine then shoot up in a building with other players around. I do this hoping if someone catches me they might question my actions and suspect I am an addict and maybe try help or same me. I have had people walk in on me and I try acting embarrassed and they just leave me. Anyone with a good character would probably try and intervene with someone shooting up morphine alone for no apparent reason. I also play a character with a criminal background, I'm obviously not the most open about this but don't hide it very well but every slip up just gets shrugged off for the most part. If I found someone mentioning things like this I would definitely try and find out more to gauge what kind of people they are and if they could be a potential threat or useful to me. These are just examples for how I play my character and things I've experienced from my time IG. I feel I covered most of what I wanted to say and although it is a huge wall of text I could do much worse that this trust me. Finally before anyone starts pointing me to similar threads I've probably already read them, this is my own opinion on matters and offering a few possible ways to improve it. I know as well that I am definitely guilty of some of the points I made above, I'm sure we all are but that just means there are areas we can all work on to try and make the overall RP on the servers more enjoyable for everyone. Like I said at the beginning please don't mistake this for flame towards any individuals, I already take sufficient sodium in my diet. No jabs are aimed at anyone here, really the jabs are aimed at everyone including myself. TL;DR Yeah its really fucking long I know and hard to summarise so basically like many threads have said before RP is pretty lame atm, but I think there is ways to change this. //rant over.
  15. WIP - Fight Night (Rolling monthly events)

    Anyone who's interested I should be on tonight and hanging around at the Severograd construction site or elsewhere in town, will be holding try outs for fighters and testing the water. Just say you heard about it over this radio chatter: Radio.